Friday, July 9, 2010

Zoya Sparkles, the remainder.

When I first bought the Sparkles Collection from Zoya I decided on only getting 3 of them and passing on the reds/pinks.  Now that I have the 3 reds from the Sparkles collection I realize the mistake I made when first purchasing! These are gorgeous, people!
Nihdi is the most unique color of the bunch in my opinion. It's a red jelly/cream hybrid loaded with shimmer and micro sparkles. I absolutely LOVE it, not to mention I own nothing else remotely close to it which is a good and RARE thing.  
HOT.  I adore this medium to hot pink jelly!  It's so 80's yet so now at the same time.  It's jam packed with pink glitter and shimmer and basically comes alive in the sunlight. 
Alegra...Wowza!  This one is my favorite from the entire Sparkles collection now that I see it in person.  A truly gorgeous magenta like dark pink that sings when applied.  It was the most pigmented of all the sparkles polishes IMO and only needed 2 coats to reach it's perfectly sparkly goodness.

Overall, the Sparkles Collection is my favorite collection from zoya ever.  These polishes are unique in color as well as finish, they are attention getting, and they have a superior application to any other glitters I own while not needing a topcoat. SO, if you haven't gotten the sparkles collection yet...HINT HINT. To see the other colors from Zoya Sparkle click here.

While Zoya used to be near the bottom of my top 5 polish brands they are trudging up the totem pole with these new wonderful and inventive collections.  I have found myself with a desk FULL of zoya bottles with nowhere to store them, and they are quickly catching up in numbers to my previous favorite brands like China Glaze and Orly.  Keep it up Zoya!

Love, MM


  1. I hadn't even heard of Zoya before somebody did a post about their exchange program. Now I have a bunch!! Between the BFF and I, we have 4 of the 6 in the Sparkle collection. But now I'm kicking myself because I didn't realize 1) I'd love the Sparkle collection SO much and 2) that Nidhi was really red. Do'h! To the leming list it goes!

  2. Megan- Yes Nidhi is RED and it's so awesome and different! Zoya is quickly approaching the tied mark with china glaze as my favorite brand. They dont have the colors that ChG does but they dry faster and wear better than RBL on me! Heck, I wore Veruschka a MATTE (notorious for chipping) for 2 days this week without even getting tip wear!

  3. zoya is in my top 5 as well. i have a job that requires me to wash my hands several times a day and wear latex gloves.i wore harlow for one whole day (i change my polish daily- you know, since i am a polish addict now) and it did not chip.. IT DID NOT CHIP. mind you i was not wearing a yeah,zoya rocks.

  4. I love Zoya, it wears fine on me. I'm glad cause they have some awesome colors. I just wore Nidhi and I loves it!