Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday night EOTD/NOTD

 I recently got a bunch of cheap eyeliners from Wal-mart just to try them out. I mean doesn't everyone just assume the "love my eyes" liners that are in that big plastic bin on the make-up isle are total crap?  Well, I decided not to assume and holy moly was I wrong... Ok, I DID assume they sucked but I was still wrong.  Don't get ME wrong the NYC liners in the bin NEXT to the "love my eyes" liners ARE total crap. You might as well try to line your eye with a crayola colored pencil, so be careful which ones you are grabbing..
Shown here is "love my eyes" liner in "blue" which looks royal purple on my skin. This one dollar gem (YES love my eyes brand is ONE DOLLAR per pencil) glided on smooth and covered in a solid one coat. The pencil did not crumble or give me problems of any kind.  I got 6 colors and all 6 were equally effortless to apply. Freaking amazing.
Now let's not get crazy here but...  BAM, here is my other eye...
How you doooin'?

For this look I used the blue LME pencil on top and bottom and a bright yellow shimmer shadow on my lids, above that a blueish emerald followed by a rose shadow on my brow bone. All shadows are from my Giovi palatte.  I finished this with maybelline great lash mascara, my favorite mascara that have used since my momma got me my first tube at 15.
And here is my NOTD which was meant to match my blue eyeliner but that didn't work out so well.  However, this polish is one of the most gorgeous polishes I have ever laid eyes on.  It's a solid 2 coat, medium to dark, straight up BLUE with tiny particles of turquise shimmer... LOVE THIS POLISH.  This polish reminds me of how much I love Orly, they really do make some good nail paint people!

While my matching EOTD/NOTD was a fail I am still rocking it out this friday evening, I might be a little over dressed for food shopping at wal-mart later this evening though...since that is the only plan I actually have, lol. 

Love, MM


  1. T-T-TWO eyes? Now you're going full mutant on us.

    Is it weird to say I want to swim in Royal Navy?

  2. No, but it's weird to casually call people mutants, lol!

  3. This is maybe a weird compliment but I'm jealous of your eyebrows! They are fabulous.

  4. No way, your eyes are so beautiful! Love them! <3<3<3

  5. Loverlada- Actually I keep getting that compliment lately! I think you are like the 3rd or 4th person to comment that you want to sex up my eyebrows! I honestly never considered them a good feature of mine until I posted my first EOTD! Thanks :)

  6. Tiana- Awww that was so nice of you to say <3 <3 So you wanna go out sometime? I'll bring my eyes...

  7. Hell no you're not overdressed. You're just one of the people who actually wanna look good even if it's just the store.