Monday, July 26, 2010

The Great Misa haul 2010 - part 1

Actually there really isn't anything all that great about the huge freakin' Misa spree I went on last week.  Since I ordered online and my mission was to haul ALL the older Misas I have been eyeballing for months, I basically had nothing to go by but those USELESS color dots.  I did my homework and googled each and every polish I bought but there aren't really any swatches out there of round label Misas...I looked at this as sort of a good thing because, " hey, I'm going to swatch them, so maybe I can be a resource and help out some people looking to haul old Misas as well".  All I can say about that ridiculously STUPID idea is YOUR WELCOME.  I once again have taken one for the team.

I basically ended up with a huge pile of polishes that looked 100% NOTHING like what I *thought* I had ordered.  I was almost in shock as I sat and looked at the wreckage that was and is my saddest haul to date.  Somehow my order consisted mainly, like 80%, of two colors,  dark redish brown and light brown. 
I had no idea Misa had so many liquidy, sheer ass, light freakin brown polishes, but somehow I bought them ALL. 
Don't even get me started on the pile of nearly identical dark reds I ended up with... 

I am trying to stay positive as I swatch all these disappointing polishes but it's very hard.  I think Misa must have gotten a new quality control department since these older polishes came out. I adore current Misa polish but these older ones are SUPER SUCKY batman. OMG some of them are so sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer I could barely swatch them. 

I hauled some newer Misa as well so I am going to mix them in randomly to try to keep the SUCK at a minimum as I post all these older pieces of junk. I'm just a little bitter. Can you tell?  It might be hard to pick up on. I even bought a special acrylic table rack JUST for all my pretty new Misas..Awww how sweet of me. I have to admit there were a few diamonds amongst the rough, just not enough of them to outweigh all the crap.

I know what you're thinking. I am being totally over dramatic about this. You're right by the way. It's not all that bad and overall I'm glad I got what I got... kinda.  I just can't help myself from blowing things way out of proportion, it's my nature. 
Gah, this is so pretty in the bottle and in swatches I've seen of it.  Just check out how freakin sheer this is at THREE COATS. So annoying.
Again, super gorgeous in the bottle but at three coats it's just "ok".
I kinda like this. It was sheer and took three coats though.
What about this polish says "chocolate"? Oh yeah, NOTHING. This "gorgeous in the bottle but boring on the nail" crap is about to drive me nuts. I swear these aren't all the SAME polish just pictured under different lighting, even though that's what it looks like. 
I like this one despite it's misleading name.  I think this one was a 2 coater.
This was one of the "diamonds" I ended up loving.  It's a watermelon colored jelly. This is three freakin coats.
At least this one is named properly. It's a pinkish nude with blue and pink shimmer. A 2 coater, FINALLY.
What a piece of crap this is.  Three coats of this polish and I can barely tell I'm wearing anything at all. Super disappointing as I was really looking forward to this one based on the color dot. Lesson learned.

What do you all think about these 8 Misas? Am I crazy or Amirite? 

Love, MM


  1. So right. Good idea regarding the swatching. I like your Nfu-Oh link at the side of the page. Very helpful.

    Sailor beware is kinda rad.... if you like hot pinks.

  2. I agree with you, the only one out of these I like is Sailor Beware (which is going on my want list). The rest though are pretty common looking, ya know what I mean?

  3. I like Sailor Beware. Chocolate Icing, WHAT? If you are eating that color chocolate you are probably in for a mean surprise on the can the next day.

    Sorry your haul wasn't what you wanted; I feel your pain!

  4. I understand your disappointement; all except Sailor beware (which is gorgeous!) looks a bit common.
    But thank you for this post: I've learned your lesson!

  5. WTF is that Raspberry Pink crap?!?! Brings new meaning to the term "disposable income."

  6. I feel the pain of your (mostly) poopy haul!

    Thank you for taking one for the team, btw. I've always wondered what those old Misas looked like... and now I can stay far, far, FAR away. (Except for Sailor Beware, which is totally hot.)

  7. Holy shaz I probably would've cried after I'd gotten that haul. Especially after I felt all cool venturing where others hadn't dared to go. I like Ruby Organdy...

  8. I absolutely love love love Misa, I live in Europe so they are hard to get and shipping is expensive, your swatches are very helpful in deciding which to buy. The polishes above will not be on my wishlist.

  9. There's a couple good ones in the group. But what I've learned from your haul is Misa is more sheer than it looks in the bottle. My fave of this group is Ruby Organdy and Midnight Red.