Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer nails and FAILS

I've been feeling a bit off lately so naturally my nail painting patterns have followed suit. This has resulted in me painting my nails all sorts of summery pastels and impulse buying all kinds of super girly rhinestones and nail art thingies on ebay. One of the things I got is a nail art stamping kit. Yeah, I've had konad before and gave up after 3 tries but I bought it AGAIN to give it another go. Before we get into the horrific FAILS I have captured on film let me get all these cutesy summer pictures out of the way. 
It all started out innocently enough as seen above.  I actually really love Jasmine. But sooner or later things always seem to take a turn for the worse when it comes to pastels and me
This is Misa Push up bra with craptastic chevron tips in Misa's shake it to the samba.
Here we have Misa Jester ate the king cake with Misa Blame it on fat tuesday.  Borderline fail.

Okay. Now let's see what happens when Manatee Mama feels a little under the weather and is high on dayquil for a week. 
Sweet lord.  This is my first attempt at stamping. Feast your eyes on the fail people. 
If you can see past the neon yellow ring fingernail check out the horrid color combo and terrible stamping application...This was attempt number 2. 
HOLY CRAP.  This is what happens when you get fed up with failing at stamping and try some free hand nail art instead. Notice the smeared ring finger and tacky 3-D flower. Yes, I bought those flowers on PURPOSE in 4 different colors.  I guess four different pastels painted with mix matched chevrons just wasn't QUITE summery enough for me, OH NO. I need a 3-D flower with a little jewel in the center to REALLY say summer with my nails. Sad.

I hope you all learn something from thisCheers to summertime nails applied using a healthy amount of RESTRAINT.  

Love, MM



    I have never been able to get the hang of stamping French tips. I can't believe you managed to get yours looking so good in your first try. lifeissounfair.

    As an aside: That flower is seriously cute - where did you get them from? Did it fall off/catch on things while you were wearing it? Ta.

  2. I got the flowers on ebay. :) I don't understand me either.

  3. Your tips turned out better than mine ever have. I just really suck at it and can even screw it up using guides!!

    I've ruined many a manicure simply b/c I didn't quite know when to stop. Somehow in my mind I always think of all these ideas and then can't quite decide which to go with so I try too many and it turns out yuck :(

  4. I like the chevron tips :)

    I just about threw my stupid konad out the window today. Stupid design wouldn't get onto my stupid stamper, and once I did get the stupid design on to my stupid stamper, only about half of it ended up on my stupid nail. Hate stupid Konad right now. :) :) :)

  5. Haha I think they look cute. Your chevron tips are always flawless.

  6. They're not all total fails. LOL Now...that flower Thanks for sharing your fails - makes me feel like I'm not alone.

  7. Welllll, maybe you were'nt meant to Konad (I don't understand those folks who are good at it - much more patient than me!)
    Hi-larious as usual!! You're the funniest nail blogger out there. You always make me laugh. Hope you're feeling better.