Monday, April 12, 2010

Zoya Sparkles my way.

This is my favorite new collection of the season.  Absolutely gorgeous, unique and with perfect timing.  I was about to stab myself in the throat if ONE more pastel creme collection came out people. These are all solid 3 coaters and apply quite well.  They can be runny if you try to do thicker coats but they do dry fast.  
I only bought three of the sparkle collection, quite frankly because I have ENOUGH boring pink Zoyas and they just didn't look all that awesome.  So, I snagged the purple, blue and green as seen above. Then instead of the rest of the sparkle collection I got my pink fix by buying Astra, Nova, and Roxy.  I sort of wish I had gotten the red from the sparkle collection but oh well, I'm sure I'll find an excuse to order again at some point.  These are all 3 coats as well.
I think these 6 are the prettiest Zoyas I have ever seen! 

Love, MM


  1. these polishes! The green and the last one are soooo beautiful <3

  2. Oh, these polishes ARE amazing. I know what you mean about not getting the pinks, especially if you're not much of a pink person. BUT...

    I am such a blue/green/purple type of person when it comes to nail polish. However, for whatever reason, Alegra (the darker magenta one of this collection) ended up being my favorite of all. FAVORITE. I don't know what it is, but it is spectacular. In fact, I think I'm gonna go put it on now, heehee :o)

    Love your blog by the way! I hope you don't mind I listed it as an inspiration when I decided to start one of my own a couple weeks ago

  3. Very pretty all of them. I'm sooo sick of all these cremes to.

  4. Would these work well as glitter top coats???

  5. peripatetic33- they could but they would still need at least 2 coats.

  6. First we were smothered with glitter then had pastels shoved down our throats. This definitely has to be my favorite Zoya collection and is a nice change.