Friday, July 16, 2010

Zoya Wicked Fall 2010

I have so much praise for this collection I'm not sure where to begin.  So, I'll begin with my complaints instead.  WHY do weed need 3 more red/pink shimmery glittery look alike polishes Zoya? The answer is WE DON'T.  The first three polishes in the Wicked collection are gorgeous don't get me wrong, but just one magenta or pink would have done the trick considering the name of the collection is WICKED!!! Where is the black or dark blue? Heck, I would even have been happy with a blood red instead of more pinks.  The need for three more pinks seems even tinier when you consider the fact that there are 3 more reds/pinks in the Wonderful collection.  In my oppinion Zoya missed their chance to do a jaw dropping, dark, and mysterious group of edgy polishes with the Wicked Collection.  What we got instead is a collection of HALF jaw dropping awesome, and HALF pink.

So let's start with the pinks, shall we?  
This is a dark pink with dark pink shimmer/micro glitter that almost looks blackened in the bottle, sadly that doesn't translate onto the nail.  On the nail it looks more like a plain dark pink foil. Well maybe not quite a foil, more like a regular ass pink glitter. Ok, ok, maybe it's a regular ass pink glitter with a hint of gold sparkle.
This was virtually impossible to tell apart from Kym in 99% of my pictures. In the bottle no problem, but on the nail they look nearly identical.  I had to purposefully take photos of each color under different lighting in order to get pics that look like 2 separate polishes. Even then I was second guessing myself while watermarking the photos. So, Carrie Ann is a Slightly lighter regular ass pink glitter with gold sparkle. 
Karina is at least a totally different shade of pink than I'm used to seeing from Zoya. It's a gorgeous hot magenta micro glitter/shimmer that almost looks like it has some silver in it.  Again this is almost a foil but doesn't quite translate on the nail.  This one is pretty but it certainly isn't wicked.

Now we can get to the awesome, finally.  It is almost like 2 seperate marketing teams each did half of this collection then they just shoved them all in one box.  These next three colors are freakin' KILLER and deffinately are deserving of their title of Wicked. I seriously want to make out with who ever mixed up these three beauties. 
First up on team bad ass is Cheryl. Stupid name for this incredible polish, but whatever. This color reminds me of cigars, tobacco and smoky rooms filled with mysterious men playing poker under dim lighting.  The color is a redish, brownish, burgundy loaded with brown and very dark gold micro glitter.. I adore this. 
JULIEANNE!!! OMFG. This blue based dark purple is jam packed with so much wicked awesome that I honestly don't know how they fit all the silver and purple micro glitter in there.  This polish flashes like a foil but in most lights appears to be a jelly base, LOVE. It is basically Milani's Totally cool on a serious dose of steriods. This is my favorite polish from this collection. 
Lastly, we have the shining star of this collection with its baffling duochrome, glitter, metallic, shimmer CRAZINESS. Good god is this gorgeous! Honestly I think this polish follows in the footsteps of China Glaze's Wagon trail as it isn't really a duochrome. I think it's actually a black base with charcoal/silver and gold micro glitter and glass flecks, making it appear to flash olive green to charcoal to black. Except this polish is a foil, which makes it blindingly beautiful as it changes colors. Whatever it is, this polish is totally unique and amazing.  AMAZING.

 I love so much about this collection I feel like I am going to bust at the seams! First off I love the NAME.  Wicked. It's awesome, ok. I know I'm suppost to be saying what I love at this point but the names of these polishes really piss me off.  This is the WICKED collection... where are Elvira and Morticia...and other wicked female names I cannot come up with at the moment???

Back on track, I love the finish they have created that is impossible to describe on a lot of the colors. Glass flecky, metallic, foil, micro glitter, bad ass-ness. But, what I loved most about it was the formula.

All 6 of these applied amazing. The formula was 100% consistant from polish to polish. Each and every swatch above is an even two coats, this itself is a gigantic compliment to zoya's formula.  These are highly pigmented for glitters, more like EXTREMELY pigmented for glitters.  They glide on smooth and I saw no need to use a topcoat on any of them due to graininess which was non existent. Another unexpected perk to these was they weren't all that hard to remove, actually they were very easy to remove in terms of any kind of glitter polish.  Zoya did a top notch job on the formula of these babies, I mean WOW.  Just WOW Zoya.

Love, MM


  1. Both new collections are named after the pro dancers and judges on the ABC show Dancing with the Stars, which is why they don't sound wicked. They really are pretty though!

  2. Yeah, I was aware of that. It's just so totally GAY that I though ranting about it might be a little much...LOL.

  3. Haha you're funny. Love the last three. The first three are pretty, but we've seen those before!

  4. Come on, Dancing With the Stars? You can't pick a better theme for your collection?