Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drugstore Deals- Confetti Swatches!

I love a great bargain and these new Confetti nail polishes certainly fit the bill. At $1.99 I can already tell these will be my new "go to" drugstore polishes, sorry sinful!
This is my favorite of the bunch I got. Such a unique green color! This is a yellow green jelly packed with what seems like green micro glass fleck glitter. It took 3 coats but it was totally worth it. Awesome name also. 
Gorgeous mauve creme. Yum! 2 coats.
I love this one. It's a dark pinkish purple creme. Also 2 coats. (all the cremes were 2 coaters!) This polish is almost a dupe for Nfu-oh 552, it's just a hair too purple.
Super vibrant dark cherry pink creme. LOVE. This sets off light skin tones like CRAZY. 
I think this one is my second favorite. I just adore these kinds of grey leaning purple polishes. This one was the most watery of all the cremes but it was still a 2 coater.
OMG! This is a really complex polish for $1.99! It's a dark purple/blue jelly jam packed with 3 different colors of shimmer. Bright blue, purple and pink. This one was 3 coats. 

Overall these polishes are freaking amazing for the money. The cremes are all smooth 2 coaters that are super easy to control. The glitters are complex and unique, and the brand has an awesome color selection for a drugstore polish. This particular brand is carried by CVS stores. 

The only problem I had with these was that out of the 6 I bought, 2 of them had messed up brushes. That is REALLY bad odds. Especially bad odds when you consider that out of the 125 or so China Glazes I own, I have never come across one with a messed up brush. Certainly not a deal breaker but it's something to consider. 

Love, MM


  1. These polishes look great! I love Smitten. I hope these come to Canada. *pouts*
    Swap the bottles into the crappy Misas!
    Other than crappy brushes, the bottle shape is neat.

  2. I love Smitten, Cherries Jubliee, and My Favorite Martian are beautiful! Can't believe these are only two bucks. Too bad about the brushes, though.

  3. I love Confetti so much! I was so excited when my local CVS finally started carrying it, I was in the aisle jumping up and down and squealing.

    But like everyone else is saying, I would recommend to people to ALWAYS check the brushes before you buy... a lot of the ones I looked at had messed up brushes that would have made application impossible.

  4. I've been eyeing that My Favorite Martian. Now I want Smitten. GAH!!!