Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wanna see my eyeballs? EOTD pictchas.

Lately I have been getting more and more into makeup.  Mainly eye shadows and eyeliners.  I'm getting obsessed at an incredible rate...

So since A horsefly bit my swatchin' hand and it's been swollen up like a latex glove balloon, here are my first EOTD pictures!
This was my first EOTD and man oh man did it scare the crap outta me to see my face so close up on the computer screen.  I got over it though and I am now addicted to taking photos of my eyes and bombarding my bff's email with them.

For the look above I used Sephora eyeliner in silver green, Sephora brand mascara, and from my Giovi eyeshadow pallete I used a rose/gold on my lid and under my brow and army green/brown in the crease.  After this I trimmed up my brows, heh.
This is from yesterday.  I used a black Incolor Fabu liner liquid pen on my top lash line and sephora silver green on my bottom lash line, sephora mascara, and 3 colors from my Giovi pallate, a pale green on my lid, a cobalt blue in the crease and a medium purple under my brow line. 
It's a rainbow!
This is the look I'm sporting today.  I love this so much.  I used NYC liner in "through the storm" a medium purple, sephora mascara, and 3 colors from my Giovi pallate- Bright yellow gold on my lid, emerald green in the crease and bright pea green shimmer under my brow.
Please ignore my mascara mistakes ruining my eyeliner...I fixed it after this was taken I swear!!!

The Giovi pallate I keep referring to I purchased at Ross.  It has over 80 colors and it's by far the best shadow I have ever used. (I haven't used many)  This stuff never makes a "crease line" and lasts all day without primer.  The colors are fabulous and very pigmented and guess what? It was $4.99.  FOR SERIOUS.

Love, MM


  1. It's sooo easy to become obsessed with makeup it's scary...I like your eyebrizzles.

  2. It's very scary. You wanna know how scary? I blew my ChG vintage vixen savings on eyeliner last night...

  3. For SERIOUS?! LOL It's easy, so VERY easy, to become addicted to makeup. Let me tell you! This is how it all started with me (thanks, BFF) and now I can't get enough polish OR makeup blogs. Doood! What did I ever do with my money and my free time before this beautiful, glorious blog world opened up to me? *sigh*

  4. Ah, I started out with nails and got obsessed with makeup too, I share your pain :P How does everyone manage to take such clear pictures of their eyes? Mine are as blurry as...bleuch. And over 80 colours for less than five dollars? HOOK ME UP. NAOW. Wherrrre can I buy this palette? Thanks :)

  5. *gasps* Oh no! But, but...awwww.

  6. Megan- Lol @ the BFF thing! I got my BFF into nails and now she is getting me addicted to makeup. Except the makeup thing is accelerating about 100% faster than the nail thing did. I have NO CLUE what I did with my money before polish...oh that's right NOTHING because I don't have any! hahahahahaha. Playas iz broke deez dayz!

    TSGTNP- To take a pic of my eye I just hold my chin up like angelina jolie then snap a pic of my whole face on my macro setting with flash. Then I repeat about 15 times and at least one will be use-able! lol. You have to hold your chin up though or your eye gets this horrible shadow under it like a creature from the depths of hell, or at least mine does. You can buy the palette at ROSS DRESS FOR LESS. Ross is my beacon of light in an otherwise murky and directionless void.

    HOW THE HELL DO I SPELL PALLETE? Is it palette, pallet, palett, WTFBBQ.

  7. Hey, thanks for the tips. Will try. And Ross Dreess For Less is only in the US...ARGH you guys get all the good stuff I may cry. Wah. Thanks for replying anyway.

  8. Great eye make-up! I love your brows too. I love the more natural shape. I wish I had more eyebrow hair, I have to pencil mine in (even though I keep them a bit thick in style) because they get sparse in the outter corners. Grrr... not to mention the arch enemy style scars going through them like in a comic book. *sigh*

  9. That's so pretty. I also love your eveybrows!!!

  10. Skulda- Thank you! I love keeping my brows thicker than this at most times...I'm trying to bring back Madonna's eyebrow style in the papa dont preach video. So this is actually kinda thin for me (blush).

    Tilly- Thanks! and Thanks for liking my eyebrows too :).

  11. Ack! I hate it when I get bug bitten. I swell up really bad (hyper-sensitive skin, mosquito bites look like I was bitten by a black widow). Have you tried taking Benedryl? Benedryl, while it knocks you out flat, does a great deflating job.

    Oh yea, I know the make-up pain. It's SUPER easy to get addicted to (kinda like nail polish and Nutella).

    I'm completely envious of the brows (and your eye color; it's gorgeous). I have naturally very high-arched eyebrows. I get asked if I'm angry all the time!

  12. Hey you used MY eyeliner!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR:(

  13. If you are interested in a great primer, I suggest either Two Faced shadow insurance or Urban Decay primer potion. Both are around $17 at Sephora but worth it.

    My first palette was Coastal Scents' 88 shimmer. It was downhill from there. Nail polish came next. Now I am stalking my JCPenney, waiting for the new Sephora to open on the 30th. I won't have to drive to the next county!!! YAY!!!!!!

  14. Katie- I'm going to go take a benadryl right now! I am DYING to swatch but my middle finger looks like a freshly stuffed sausage...And thank you for the compliment! I had no IDEA I had nice eyebrows I have always been made fun of for them! Ha! *iz proud*

    Ariel- You can't wear it anyway and it was just sitting there calling my name..."miss jess, miss jess, you know you want to wear me even though ariel will be upset..." So I wore it. Sorry Charlie!

    TDIM- I love your username! I am loling at it right now. I just picture a really pissed lady hunkered down over a dog with a switch blade or something ready to defend her ownership no matter the cost. I have heard of both primers and maybe one day I'll try one but do you know how much nail polish or Ross make-up supplies $17 buys? It's going to be HARD to pull off dude. Congrats on the sephora!