Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thanks for the free swatches Sally.


Why can't I learn my lesson about Sally Hansen?  I saw the new HD polishes at CVS last night for the first time and about DIED over Laser. I mean it's about the most beautiful thing ever in the bottle under the florescents at CVS.  Then the advertisement photo really did me in.  I stood there with Laser in my hand looking at the picture above the display, marveling at the blue and purple rainbow effect, literally WHINING. I was whining like a 6 year old in the candy isle, for REAL. I ended up leaving without it, then begging my fiance in the safety of the car to buy it for me.  I then took his $6.50 and went BACK in CVS to buy it. 

Laser will officially be the first nail polish I TAKE BACK.  WTF Sally? Why did I have to actually loose count of the amount of coats this polish took to even get CLOSE to bottle color? Was it 4 coats? Was it 5?  I DON'T EVEN KNOW.  Not to mention WHERE IS THE PURPLE???? Seriously, the purple that shows up in the display picture and even in the bottle is NOWHERE to be seen on the nail. NOWHERE!

I NEVER spend more than $2 on drug store polish as a rule.  And now I have learned my lesson for breaking that rule. I mean COME ON. $5.99 for this sheer, false advertising, waste of time? That is enough for 2 China Glazes or 3 sinful colors people.  That is half the cost of an Nfu-oh for god sakes! 

Here it is in the shade. Don't be fooled dudes. It only SEEMS opaque in the shade. I kinda see the purple in the bottle...but none on the nail. OK lets try some sunshine.
Okay now I really see the purple in the sides of the bottle...and guess what else I really see? I really see RIGHT THROUGH THE POLISH.
Lets try some flash action...  Still no purple.
How about some REALLY bright sunlight. Nope. No purple. See how SHEER this stupid thing is? This is 4-5 coats! The only reason you can't see through the polish on all my nails is because the bottle is behind them.

I am seriously going to drive the 20 mins back to CVS and return this ONE polish, but thanks for the free swatches Sally!

Love, MM


  1. you are going to return it after you used it?!? That is disgusting! I feel bad for the person who unknowingly buys a used bottle of polish because of you. You should swap it with someone or something....that is what I do when I don't love a polish. At least then the person getting it knows that it has been used.

  2. Yes. I'm going to take it back after I used it. How else would I know I was unhappy with the product? So basically you are saying I should keep a product I am not happy with? I don't think so.

    Not to mention it does not go back on the shelf. All opened cosmetic returns go back to the manufacturer. Nobody is going to have an opportunity to buy it.

  3. Umm ... CVS has a USED COSMETIC RETURN POLICY, Anonymous ... They ADVERTISE that if you don't like a cosmetic purchase, you can take it back for full refund with your receipt. So do both Walgreens and Rite-Aid.

    A friendly tip though ... the random clearance make up in the little baskets under the displays (NOT talking about the huge clearances they do of cosmetics a couple times a year) at Rite-Aid probably ARE used returns. A friend of mine worked in the pharmacy there years ago, and that's what her store did with their returns. It's just good to know, right?

    Oh, and hey look! I'm not afraid to post under my actual user name!! How cool is that?!? :D

  4. Hum, I like it actually. It's very pretty! Not purple at all but it's pretty.
    I would use it over a medium or navy blue so I wouldn't have to use so many layers.
    But I know how you feel, it's awful when you really want something and then it's not what you thought it would be. :\

  5. If you don't like it - send it back!! Why should you waste your money on something you'll NEVER use? See...I don't understand why people poopoo used polish (ebay) - if you advertise it as such, the consumer knows what they're getting. And it's polish for eff's sake! It's not like you're returning used pantyhose. Sheesh!

  6. Hahaha, man I hate when that happens. Good for you for taking it back if you don't like it.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed out on the purple in this. So disappointing! And I love her Insta-Dri's (for konading) and the cheapie $2 ones. Other than that the only drug store polishes worth my cash is Milani- I love those babies! If you haven't tried them, you should.

    And good for you to return it, there is nothing wrong with used polish.

  8. if i didnt like a polish i'd return it too, even after using it. ease up anon, its not as gross as you make it out to be.

    have you ever had a mani/pedi at a salon? the polishes (among other things,ewww) they use have been used on other people.

  9. I'm a Sally hater too. I admit I own Hidden Treasure and a couple others but it doesn't make me hate the company any less. Honestly I hate them so much I'd probably buy SHs and return them an hour later to complain about their suck on a weekly basis just for my own personal (and lame) amusement. Pretty sad, huh? Ahhh.... at least I amuse myself.
    I was tempted to get some of these new ones because of the amazing swatches some of the blogger girls did of them but I won't be fooled again! Thanks, MM.

  10. Wow! that is horrible, I have never tried one of the HD polishes but I always thought that the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear was good. I am sorry to hear that you landed up wasting so much time over this polish.

  11. I agree with you! That is false advertising, and if the polish needs to be layered over another color, they should advertise it as such. Heck, they could even sell it with the layering shade as a two-pack and we'd probably buy it!

  12. This is why I stick with the Xtreme Wear line. Any of SH polishes that cost more than $3 is crap.

  13. It's funny how people gross out on used nail polish as if you just painted your asshole with it. It's nails people. Granted some people have nasty fungus infected nails, but most people that do like to show them off to the world for some odd reason. The people at Sally Hansen kinda pisses me off with their charging almost 10 bucks for a drugstore brand that's not all that great in the first place.

  14. LOL... I have 2 of these & they are indeed a pain in the ass. They are definitely layering polishes unless you wanna literally plan a WHOLE DAY to devote to a manicure. I can get bottle color, but it takes about 6-7 coats. And I think we can all agree that SH's formula is one of the worst out there- it takes ALL DAMN DAY to dry even with topcoat. I almost wish they didn't make such awesome colors so I didn't have to keep buying them.