Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Great Misa haul 2010 - part 3

So here's the deal.  I am becoming more hostile toward my new Misas by the day. Last night I sat and scowled at them while surfing the net for over an hour. I want to punch them in the face. I should have let it go by now but all I keep thinking about is what I could have gotten instead of these crappy Misas. With all the new collections coming out containing polishes I HAVE TO HAVE it's easy to get overwhelmingly bitter about this bad purchase. 

It's not like I can sell them now. I already told the world how much they suck ass. So what am I supposed to do, try and peddle them off on you guys for a dollar a pop and ruin my ability to sleep at night? Yeah right. I can't make up my mind what to do with them.  They certainly can't stay sitting here on my new desk rack starring at me and ruining my day each time I glance over at them. I have thought of emptying them and saving the bottles for frankens and such but that idea pisses me off because it just emphasizes what a waste of money this was.  I am not sure what to do on this one guys. I also thought about pouring them out and pouring in other polishes I love but hate the bottles, like Milanis. I can't freakin STAND gold handles! I hate gold so much I want to buy it all up and throw it in the ocean never to be seen again. But then some jerk would just find it all and get rich selling it back to everyone all around me and I would be stuck looking at it again. 

I wish Misa did a polish exchange...
Extreme frost and brush stroke alert. This was 2 coats. This is just so ugly, so very ugly.  I have renamed it "wet hairball".
Super brush strokey pinkish coral shimmer. 3 coats.
Medium tone berry red with loads of gold shimmer. Why does this have to be so PRETTY in the bottle? This was 3 coats.
Check out this masterpiece. Misa really did a great job on this gem. WTF? This is a yellowish clear base with pink shimmer. Seriously? This is FOUR coats of polish.
Okay. I actually kinda like this one. It was a 2 coater and even though it's frosty it isn't too brush strokey. I might actually wear this. MIGHT.
WHY? What is the purpose of these super sheer polishes Misa? This is FOUR coats once again...Is it just me or does the name tick you off?  Because guess what, when my nails look like this I am not going to be LOUNGING anywhere. I am going to be working feverishly on a new freakin manicure! "lounging by the pool" sounds care free and dreamy. What the hell is carefree about a polish that is still sheer after 4 coats?  This should be called "lounging in the salon" while I get a new freakin polish put on, or maybe "lounging in a dark corner" because I don't want anyone to see my hideous nails. God I wanted to like this one SO BAD.
I absolutely adore this. This is a creamy coral that borders being a jelly. This was 2 coats. So glad I got this one.
Another good one. It's still not as pretty on the nail as it is in the bottle but guess what chickas?  This is one single coat! HURRAY!

Love, MM


  1. Ohhh.... ohh MM. The pain!!!
    Honestly if they aren't frankenable I'd dump 'em and use the bottles. Or recycling the bottles. the hippy in me feels guilty about 'dumping' polish. :s

    Can you at least be satisfied that you are making a great reference for would-be polish buyers?
    *cowers and runs*

  2. Skulda I do feel a little bit happy that I am creating a reference for others but satisfied is pushing it. I feel happy in the way that certain female spiders feel happy when their babies hatch and eat them alive.

    I mostly just hope that I make a few people laugh with my ranting and raving craziness. :)

  3. I know this haul pains you, but it's pretty entertaining and informative for us, the reader. I love the name you gave Rust: Wet Hairball. Sweet Jebus!! LOL WTH is up with the names?! They don't describe the colors at. all.

  4. Megan- I cant help but laugh at myself as I type about my misfortune. LOL. The names aren't surprising really. I mean if the shoe fits...sucky polish, sucky names. Of course 'wet hairball' is subjective to the color of your cat, but its still more accurate than RUST.

  5. MM, I'm sorry for the anguish Misa has cost you. :( Me, I'd stick 'em in a box, stick the box in a closet, and wait for Zoya to do another polish exchange.

    P.S. "Wet Hairball" made me choke on my coffee.

  6. Yeah I am...not loving these. Golden Thread is stunning in the bottle, but I can see how it disappoints on the nail :(

  7. I think Wet Hairball is a great name for that polish. Blech!! Sucks that you had to experience this amount of crap to get to a few gems :/ Maybe you could try layering those sheers? I bet Haute Hippie and Lounging would look good over black :) Push up bra is GORGEOUS, though!!

  8. "Lounging in a Dark Corner" ha ha. I hate it when it looks SO PRETTY in the bottle but doesn't translate on the nail. Or the horror of horrors, it BUBBLES insanely. That one drives me crazy!

  9. I hope you don't mind me saying that I died laughing when I read your description of lounging by the pool. I cannot believe this was 4 coats and still looked like that :( Such a shame really.
    Thank you for your review, I am sure that at least it saved someone else a disappointment.

  10. You are such a hilarious story-teller. I think I love you. ;) I can't believe how many brown with pink flash sheer ass polishes they made!