Saturday, July 24, 2010

Misa Embroidered Emerald

What a gorgeous gem this is.  I am in love with the unique formula of this polish.  It's a purple jelly loaded with emerald green shimmer. So awesome.  
This is what it looks like in the shade.  
Here it is in the sun.  Check out how the green shimmer shines through the jelly base making it look like a duochrome.  I freakin' love this polish so much. 

The faces of the polish are so incredibly different depending on what lighting your fingers are under, it's amazing.  The amount of green flash is blinding in the sun, yet it somehow still shows it's purple base color. I wish their were more polishes like this available. Urban Decay actually has an exact dupe to this polish but I can't remember the name of it and I'm not sure which is easier to get a hold of.

Love, MM


  1. i have that one too...its at h2t--i wore that last week! great minds think alike huh lol

  2. The UD dupe is Bruise! I have an old bottle; they've long been discontinued. Misa's formula is much nicer though.

  3. The Urban Decay dupe is called Bruise!
    Just got it myself, from Ebay :)

  4. Oh I always wondered why this had Emerald in the name, and now I know! Gorgeous.