Saturday, July 17, 2010

Surprise! More Zoya!

I don't think I ever posted about the Zoya polish exchange on here but let me let you, I cleaned them OUT people.  I cannot say how many I got ok. It's just too greedy and horrible to admit. On the bright side of the exchange I have a DESK full of Zoyas and I've managed to swatch about half of them already.  So, here is another sampling of my hoard.

I feel like all I ever post anymore is Zoya swatches and it's annoying me. So I'm going to try to stagger my Zoya posts a little further apart from now on, lol. It could be just me though, because I feel like I'm surrounded by Zoya bottles while I sit at my desk. I seriously see them when I close my eyes. I've gotta get a new rack or something to remedy this situation stat!

Love, MM


  1. Lol. I enjoy looking at your Zoya swatches! They are sooo pretty and hard to get hold of in the UK, so I like to admire them from afar. Hehe. I really like Jo and Rea.

  2. I love Zoya - and I never tire of seeing everybody's swatches. It makes my Zoya lemming list grow every time! Of your current swatch collection, I only have Adina (love it!). Now I'm adding Ashely, Marcella and Pru. *sigh* Is there any wonder why I'm BROKE!?!

  3. I am dying for some Zoya swatches!!! I can't wait o purchase a few. Great swatches!!!