Friday, July 9, 2010

Zoya Mattes

When it comes to matte nail polish there is one company that stands above the rest.  Zoya matte's apply smoother, are more opaque and LAST LONGER than any other matte I've tried.  Normally with other brands of mattes you can expect chipping within a few hours. Not Zoya.  I have worn them for over 48 hours with only the slightest of tipwear and no chipping.  This is all without base or topcoats. Zoya's mattes are just simply the best, people.

Here are swatches of the four colors pictured above, all pictures are 2 quick, no fuss, coats. 

A quick tip for matte polish: apply a coat of matte followed by a coat of clear, then another coat of matte.  This tends to help chippy brands of matte polish not chip so easily!

Love, MM


  1. Ack, no! I miss my longer nails now! They were the same length yours are! *is jealous*

    Now, you might be wondering why I had to chop them off. I had to chop them off as two of mine broke via ripping open packages and one on the other hand broke from Zena (the Decker Rat Terrier who thinks she owns me, not vice versa. She slammed her hare-like paw on my left hand while I was exercising because SHE wanted a walk (I'm surprised there isn't a bruise in the shape of her paw on my hand). She isn't a light-weight either. She's a 34.5 pound terrier hellbent on killing the Bugs Bunnies of the world.

    I tortured her by bringing out the Furminator. She hates the Furminator. It's right behind bath time in "Zena's Hate List."

  2. By the way (yes, it gets a new comment post because I forgot to put it in the other one), how's the finger doing? Did the Benedryl help?

  3. Katie- That sucks about your nails...mine used to be really LONG and I miss them ever so much, but it seems that I just can't keep from breaking one or two then hacking them all off again. I am convinced it was the base coat I ran out of that kept my nails from breaking before, I just need to buy more but i am just so LAZY katie! I am SO LAZY. It was ChG strengthening and growth formula.

    I know what you mean about fat terriers man...Mugsy the manatee is about 30 lbs and when he steps on your foot with his prehistoric raptor talons (again laziness not clipping his nails) you feel it man, you really FEEL IT.

    My hand/finger is doing much better thanks for asking! You can't tell I have a sausage finger in da pics right? RIGHT??? lol, now to keep from itching it...

  4. I have Zoya Loredana on right now, and even though the formula was relatively easy to deal with this time around (I had a nightmare with it the first time I tried), I hate it so much. :( I want to love it, but the color looks like ass on me. I also have Savita and Verushka ... I should have gotten Harlow instead of Loredana.

  5. It isn't that's she's fat, she's all muscle mainly. She used drag me on walks when we first adopted her. One of these days my photo will change to Zena so you'll see her. Or I'll send you a link of the animal that occupies 99% of my day during the summer.

    Oh, Zena hates having her paws touched so clipping her toe nails at home? Not an option. We pay $21 for the vet or a vet assistant to clip them once every 5 weeks. She'll behave for them, but not for any of us.

    I hate that "itch me NOW" sensation. If I'm not taking a Benedryl, I'm slathering on the Burts Bees Res-Q-ointment or hydrocortisone and sticking band-aids on top of them. There's no satisfaction in itching my bug bites if the band-aid absorbs all the impact!

  6. razberiswrl- I cannot stand it when I love a polish but it makes my hands/skin look ugly, it's like a cruel joke. I assume that is what you mean about loredana. Most times I just wear the polish anyway though so if you like loredana wear it and rock it out with your "ugly fingers" self until the cows come home!

    Katie- Sure send me a pic of that crazy little terror! PS- the bandaid thing will never work on me, I wouldnt even get the box open before I was itching again and gave up on it!

  7. great sandwich tip!!! thanks!