Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Dat Is?

My Baby Daddy.

My new official status on my relationship with China Glaze; Baby Daddy.  Ex-lover but still friends with benefits felt too harsh.  Except China Glaze is more like my "custodial parent" Baby Daddy because I'm paying out the coochie for polish support. 
This is a 3 coater without a nude base coat. I don't know what is WRONG with me but I ADORE this pink with gold shimmer.  It's gorgeous.  I am officially no longer myself. 
This polish has been on my wishlist since the Rodeo Diva set came out and I just got around to buying it.  I'm glad I did because it rules.  It's almost a metalic red in the sun.  It did take 3 coats on my bare nail and is a bit too orange for me, but I still like it.
Can somebody please slap me for not trying this polish until now?  The second it's delicious chemical gooeyness hit my bare nail it went straight on my top 10 China Glaze list.  It's a greenish-bluey GLASS FLECK glitter that is NOT frosty!!! Perfection! This was 3 coats because yet again I didn't use a nude base coat. To be perfectly frank this polish is so awesome I stopped swatching because I didn't want to take it off.


  1. I definately favour the Watermelon Rind. I can't quite see the orange in the Red Stallion.

  2. I need a new camera so badly dude.

  3. Watermelon Rind just went on my to buy list

  4. SMACK! ;) Obviously Watermelon Rind is the shit. (And btw, Red Stallion does look quite orangey on my screen.)

  5. I love Watermelon. Must get.
    I have Strawberry and I think it's beautiful even though I am a pink-hatah!

  6. I really want the entire Summer Days collection...

  7. Red Stallion is so great, it is one of my favorite "christmas polishes", looks like a tree decoration.

    Also, I wanted to say You are a hilarious blogger and I have not been offended by anything you've written, just keep it up! :-)

  8. Ive seen other pics of Strawberry Field..but yours blow them ALL out of the water..this polish is gorgeous, its on the "wish-list"!!

  9. I agree with Jackie, the best photo of it I've seen.

    Watermelon Rind...*drools*