Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She's my Cherry Pie.

Just to let you all know I wholeheartedly and in all seriousness plan to walk down the Isle to Cherry Pie by Warrant.  I will be wearing cherry red 6" pumps,  a super tight, white, "wife beater" tank top and "to the cheek" cut off jean shorts.  Silver hoop earrings, long wild hair and a floor length already pulled back, white organza veil will nearly complete my look.  What will be on my tips you ask?
This will.  Every time I even think of this polish Cherry Pie pops into my head.  This is 3 coats.  It applies like buttah, dries fast to a glass like shine, and is the PERFECT polish to rock out with my bad self while walking down the isle surrounded by open mouthed faces filled with shock and anger.

Need a refresher of my wedding song? 

Uploaded by 80sglamdoll.
The rest of my wedding will most likely remain "cookie cutter", I haven't given anything other than my outfit and hiring a cover 80's hair band much thought.  I don't really believe in marriage.

Love, MM


  1. You stole my wedding outfit, not cool.

    The polish is though!

  2. If you don't believe in marriage why are you engaged?

  3. Because I love him and he asked me?

    And the polish is pretty hot too.

  5. That probably will be my situation. I don't like marriage but I assume I will love him and maybe say yes? I've always thought if I did give in to marriage I wouldn't have a normal one.

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  7. It "Aisle" not "Isle" you idiot. You really shouldn't get married. Your tackiness alone is a disgrace to the covenant of marriage.

    An Isle is an island *shakes head*