Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York Summer Pt 1

New York Summer has a lot of freakin awesome polish.  Most of their jellies are actually neons, which dry matte, but a clear topcoat fixes that right up.  I haven't had problems with application or cuticle drag yet despite the fact that many of the jellies require 3 coats, sometimes more.  They dry as fast as any normal drug store brand but with the added benefits of having lots of great colors and being only $1.59 at
This took 4 coats to be this opaque.  While it applied well, I see no purple and definitely no star.
Gorgeous Tiffany blue jelly.  This will dry matte as it's a "neon" unless you topcoat it.  It is a near dupe to China Glaze For Audrey except in jelly form.  This takes 2 thick coats, or 3 thin ones. I had no application issues whatsoever.
Here is a comparrison of it with China Glaze For Audrey on my ring finger.
This was 3 coats. No cuticle drag! This seems to be a great trend with these jelly neons!  Normally I have a horrible time with it on any jelly.
I tried my best to get an opaque swatch of this but it took something like 7-8 coats to get it this opaque!  I think it's safe to say based on the few I've swatched that the NYS glitters are meant to strictly be topcoats.  The upside is that the glitter was smooth and not very grainy at all once dry.


  1. Wow - those hot ones are *hot* I don't usually 'get' jelly, but those are fab.

  2. Thanks for the swatches! I haven't tried this brand but they do have pretty colors! The Hot Magenta looks gorgeous on you!!

    Good to know about the glitters - thanks for sharing!!

  3. Just wanted to say that on your gorgeous nails every single nail polish looks fantastic and I want to buy them all!!! :D

  4. That Hot Baby Blue is wicked. If you didn't say your ring finger was For Audrey I wouldn't have been able to tell.

  5. jelly=pure awesomeness
    i tried to franken a jelly "for audrey" when i could've bought one for less than $2


  6. I definitely need Hot Baby Blue! I like jellies much more than cremes, and I've always been on the fence about 'For Audrey'. Maybe I will like this one better, and for that price, I can afford to be wrong!

  7. I need all these except the glitter.