Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Morning to you


 So, we went away this weekend and my lovely fiance did THE cutest thing EVER ya'll.  I mean, it like stomped all the other cute things he has ever done to death, TO DEATH you guys. You'll see what I mean here in a minute. 
 We have been fishing a lot lately and luckily the fishing has resulted in quite a bit of catching, which is awesome and always fun and delicious.  We happened to take a short fishing adventure the day before we left for our aforementioned 3 day trip.  Here is the CUTE part.  So the night before we left for the weekend my fiance filleted a bunch of fish. He boned them and rinsed and bagged up the fillets like he likes to do so I wont have to, awwwwww. THEN he threw all the carcasses in my kitchen garbage can and went on his merry way. 
 Upon our wondrous return home the smell hit us as we walked onto our front PORCH! There really was no need for me to go inside the house at that point. Some of the other things that required nothing of me were unpacking the truck, carrying ANYTHING, cleaning ANYTHING, or generally doing ANYTHING.  I spent the time it took to return the house back to it's normal state sitting in the jeep with my head between my knees trying not to loose lunch and complaining.  I did however wake up to a seriously gorgeous manicure.

Love, the always helpful and understanding MM


  1. wow- that's a yucky story - but nice of him to help out around the house after. I did this once with pork chop bones === f'n gross!!!!!! Probably the last time I ate them was 9 yrs ago ♥

  2. Oh man!! I love men... but DAMN! They can do some stupid things.

  3. I love your stories!

    ♥ SailorWifey

  4. How is that cute? He stank up the house, dang straight he should be cleaning it up! Not to mention apologizing profusely for stimulating your gag reflex.

  5. LOL that's hilarious! Stinky, but hilarious! =D

  6. I think that beats the time we went home on vacation and hubby decided he would be oh so sweet and start the dishwasher for me. (we usually rinse the dishes and then start the dishwasher once it is full - since we were going away for a week - we decided that even though it wasn't full the dishes couldn't stay in there dirty for a week). Well we brought my brother, his friend and his girlfriend home with us and it was so nice to walk in to a house with the smell of rotting milk! Yup my daughter had a glass of milk - didn't finish it - DUMPED IT IN THE DISHWASHER after hubby had started it - and she didn't re-lock the door, so the milk sat there fermenting in the summer heat for a week! YUM!!! Why in the world would she dump milk in there? AH kids!

  7. That's what guy's are for! Stinking things up! They are always at heart a smelly little boy!