Friday, March 12, 2010

New York Summer Pt 2

First things first lets get this duplicate polish out of the way.
This blue is breathtaking.  This is 3 coats and it applied like a dream.  Seriously it applied so well it was hard to believe.  I am so incredibly happy that the no cuticle drag trend with NYS polish is continuing!  This dried in a "normal" amount of time for cheap polish but it needs a shiny topcoat anyway since it's a neon, so just use a dry fast TC and you're golden.  

This polish is a DEAD ON dupe for Misa Pour me something tall and strong.
Here is the beautiful twin.  Can you tell a difference?  The Misa is only on my ring finger. The NYS Hot Sky Blue polish is $1.59 at transdesign.
This is a crazy hybrid jelly, glass fleck glitter, shimmer in a very pretty berry pink.  The shimmer flashes to a light purple, fuchsia. 3 coats.
HELLO!!!  This is so bright. SO. BRIGHT.  This opacity took me 4 coats and still no drag and no runs.
This is another glass fleck, jelly, shimmer concoction.  I think it's really nice.  This took 3 coats.
Hot pink jelly.  This was 3 coats.  This one is not really my thing but the formula was great!  It is also a neon so topcoat it.

Overall the formula and application have been spot on for all the NYS polishes I've swatched so far.  See part one for more details.

Love, MM


  1. :D I love how bright Hush is.

  2. Those polishes look awesome for such a 'cheap' brand! Wooo Transdesign!

  3. Hot Sky Blue and Greenish are my favorites based on your pictures, but all are cute. I have a friend that has a matching dress that would go with the yellow (yikes!).

  4. Oh god that yellow! That blue! That pink!