Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Undercover bling

These are two more of my favorite Orlys. Goth and Glam. Both seemingly run of the mill shades from a distance, but they are mixed with different sized glitter.  Glam actually has different colors of glitter as well.

They are both 2 coaters and apply great, as most Orlys do.  These are like ninjas, looking all innocent and normal until you get up close and get round house kicked in the face by the undercover awesome. BAM! GLITTER!  Plus these are two of my absolute MOST loved nail polish names.
Don't be fooled my this pitiful swatch! Glam really needs a top coat to show its full glorious, micro glass flecky, redish marooney, glittery, bad ass-ness. I must have either been in "MOAR COFFEE" or "don't care, were is the remote"  mode while swatching this because I did not use a top coat.
If you like fast cars or have dated a dude that does, you will understand what I mean when I say this polish is a "sleeper".  It just looks like your basic black from about 2 feet away then you pull up right next to it and it blows your mind. Nothin but break lights baby.

Love, MM


  1. Those two are pretty! I am lately very impressed by Orly. They never did wow me before, but now that I've gone nail crazy and trying every brand out there, I appreciate the smoothness and quality of Orly's formula. Glam seems like a great color and finish for my stash!

  2. Love the ninja analogy! You're hilarious. Great pics too, love Goth.

  3. This nail polish is great.. it reminds me of infinity ^__^

  4. After passing by Glam a million times, I finally picked up a bottle and shook it. The roundhouse kick to the face knocked me out cold! I bought a bottle. Thanks for swatching :*