Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spamapalooza Winners!

First of all let me introduce the judges.

*insert drum roll here*
Step Child Judge # Oneeeeeeeeeee-
She's 10 and after the argument we decided the reason she get's to be judge #1 is it's her birthday and Judge #2 is GROUNDED.  Her NOTD is claire's mood changing polish in blue/teal.  She really needs to brush her hair and teeth and won't stop begging to go to Golden Corral.  

*more drum rolling*

Step Child Judge # Twoooooooooooo-
She is 12 but wants me to lie and say she is 13 because her birthday is in 3 months, which is another lie its in 4 months, anybody got any ideas why this child is grounded?  Her NOTD is claire's mood changing polish in purple/pink glitter.  She was supposed to read a chapter in her book earlier for homework and totally faked reading it, she really thinks I bought it.

 ... And the winners are!

First Place-
Revvvolution met Worth the risque Konad 03.jpg

Second Place-
 accidentalstar from MUA
Two coats of American Apparel Peacock with Konad plate M60

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated.  Winners- email me at to claim your prizes.

Love, MM


  1. Yay for the winners, I am happy to see step-daughters are holo-whores! :)

  2. Congratz, Daph! WHOOHOO!

    And happy birthday to judge #1!!!

  3. And accidentalstar ofcourse! =O

  4. Aww, thanks amazing step daughters for picking me as a winner!

    Congrats to Daph! Well deserved win :)

  5. Hiya, I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Best Blog award. Here's the link if you're interested:

  6. Yay! I actually won!! *does a happy dance*

    Happy belated birthday for judge number 1!

    Thanks for having this great spamapalooza, it was fun!

  7. You always make me laugh with what you write about.