Monday, March 8, 2010

Crunch Time

I hacked my nails off last night so let's get the first pic out of the way so we can get passed this awkward silence ok. GEEZE. 
 So, whatcha thank?  It's ridiculously liberating!

The reason that photo is so crappy is because I'm at my moms and I don't have my normal junk I use to take pics.  Anyway, I'm supposed to be showering and getting ready to go trade my car in.  I am instead sitting here procrastinating because I cannot decide which freaking truck I want.  

I want both smushed into one.  I'm TRYING to decide between a 97 red Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with black leather interior, and a 95 black Toyota 4runner Sr5 v6, with grey cloth interior and less miles. I want the jeep, but everything inside my organs and stuff is telling me to get the 4runner.  I think I'm going to ask the dealer which one I should get then buy the other one.

I am seriously supposed to be there in 30 mins and all I'm prepared to say is, "here is my trade in..." beyond that I am totally going to fly by the seat of my pants and wing it.  Let's hope I make the right decision! 

Love, MM


  1. I am leaning that way dude! I am so freakin excited!

  2. I've always wanted a 4runner... of course Toyota is something of a dirty word nowadays LOL, but I think the older models are problem free.

  3. Hoping you got the 4Runner. Love that Orly color. Must not look at it too long, I'm trying not to buy any polish for the next few weeks...

  4. Such a beautiful color, i've never seen it before! Very pretty :) and goodluck with your decision!

  5. Your nails look fabulous dahling ! I love the new length !

  6. it IS liberating!
    just cut my own a week ago.
    but yeah, get the 4RUNNER dude. I love leather interior, but less mileage and a V6 outweighs all 'at for me personally.

  7. whenever i go home to visit, i get to drive my dad's sweet 1990 toyota pick-up and it's STILL hanging in there. i had an 86 jeep in the 90s and it crapped out on me constantly, boyf had a jeep as well that left us stranded in a blizzard in connecticut - the moral of that non story is: GO TOYO! congrats on the ride, let's see a new (old) car mani to match the paint job!

  8. Hahaha your "hacked off" nails are what my "long" nails are

  9. I agree with Scandalous. ;)
    I chopped mine off too, except they were as long as yours are now!
    Now with gaming, typing, and having flimsy nails, I can't keep 'em long for long.
    Enjoy your new wheels!

  10. 4runner definitely, though I know you've already made your choice.