Monday, March 15, 2010

New York Summer Pt 3

This set of NYS polish followed suit perfectly with all the others I have swatched.  No cuticle drag on the  neon jellies, smooth application overall and good drying time. So instead of regurgitating everything I've said in part one and two, let's get this polish parade on the road! Speaking of parades, why are they always so stupid anyway?  I always spend my time trying to mentally will the stilts dude to fall. I mostly do this to try to take my attention off how overly aggravated I am at whoever is forcing me to watch the parade, because there is no way I would be willingly watching a PARADE. But I'll just spoil the fun for you and take away all the suspense. The stilts dude doesn't fall. HE NEVER FALLS!
This polish is pretty but what a major disappointment! From the color dots it was represented as a teal/grayish blue jelly or cream.  A really AWESOME looking polish.  But oh well, it's just another stank ass light blue shimmer with green flash.  This was 3 coats.
Wowza.  This one is super pigmented. It could have been a one coat wonder which is the first time I have seen that from NYS, but I did 2 coats anyway.  This is really dupey to China Glaze Cowgirl Up.  It's a tad darker though with MUCH more gold flash.
OH! You startled me! I almost didn't SEE you there. This is a freakin NEON purple people. WOAH. It was way too bright to capture, but I did get a good representation of the color.  This was 2, flowing, non cuticle dragging, coats.
I would LOVE this if it were a tad less orange but it's still really cool.  A neon red jelly? Come on! This was a 3 coater with great application just like ALL the rest of the NYS polishes I have swatched so far. Awesome.


  1. I think I need all these jellies.

  2. I'm def feeling the Super Violet.

    ♥ SailorWifey

  3. Lovely swatches as always, but re Class Act - the catalog listing for that one is pretty explicit its a shimmer. Color dots are never correct IMO.

  4. OMG! I need that Purple and Violet!