Friday, March 19, 2010


 Very bright pink creme with purple undertones. This was 2 coats and like most Orly cremes it applied smooth as buttah. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I LOVE THIS!  I thought for sure I would hate it in the bottle, but I had only a few green Orlys so I got it anyway. It is so pretty and unique! Smooth, awesome application, 2 coats, radical color what more could I want? 
What more could I want besides red dots in Nfu-oh 551 of course! DUH!
This is a jelly! YES! I had no idea until I applied it. I was a 3 coater with minimal cuticle drag and I really like the color. 
Deep orange based red creme. This could pass for straight dark orange under some lighting. I don't love it, it's just ok for me. 2 coats.

Love, MM


  1. The only rumor I have heard about you is that you have amazing nails - & that I believe! Keep your chin up and ignore the haters! I love the polka dots & Orly Poison Apple the best!

  2. These are awesome. Are they part of a new collection for Spring?

  3. your nails are amazing. I use prosthetic nails so I'm obsessed with nails and polishes these days.. and i loves your green with envy. wish we had orly in turkey :((

  4. These greens look wonderful (on your amazing nails)!

  5. LOL the green with red polka-dots mani kind of reminds me of chickenpox. It's like those cartoons that you watch when you were a kid where the people coming down with something always happen to have green skin.

    But anyway. Woohoo more lemmings for my list~ ('sigh' and it goes on and on...)