Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I forgot one.
This is one coat.

Out of all the ChG Krome collection colors I have, millenium, 2030, robotika, and metallic muse, they are all one coaters, dry super fast and the application streaks mostly disappear as they dry. I LOVE them.
I keep seeing this style of mani circulating so I tried it out. I have no clue what it's called but I think it looks awesome!  I need to find my long lost french guides so I can try this again with a perfect line. I used metallic muse, and Orly purple velvet for this.


  1. Gorgeous :) I think it's called Ruffian manicure :)

  2. Metallic muse is so beautiful!! But even if I like that reversed french I think simple is just .. WOW!! :D

  3. i love this mani !!! perfect color !! :D

  4. Fabulous!!! Very pretty and a job well done.

  5. OK so this has nothing to do with your gorgeous nails or how I obsess but just an FYI..... up there at the top of your page knowledge is spelled like knowlegde........just sayin... :) XO