Saturday, March 6, 2010


Spamalapalooza, my user submitted  photo contest has come to a close.

So here we go dudes.  All these photos were submitted to me via email over the past week and half.  From these super, awesome, killer, radical, gorgeous, wonderful, totally cool photos my 2 dearest step daughters will be choosing 2 winners.

First prize will be this...
 THE CUTEST nail polishes ever created. EVER.

Second prize is a set of 5 mini Sally Hansen polishes in bold shimmery colors.  It's cool I swear... I just forgot to take a photo of it.  LOL Too bad for YOU second place winner!  

So yeah, back on task here. I copy/pasted info provided from each email with the corresponding picture.  LET IT RAIN PHOTOS!!!!
Thess from The Nail FarmPolish: Diamond Cosmetics- Cherry Tobacco.
Konad: M71- Stamp Polish: Cheap silver - no brand. 
 Becky AKA Dewdropdove
 CHI Attire Not Required for base, with Essie Below the Belt tips, and Art Deco Bright Orange Polish for stripes :)
lisainfl from mua
1 coat of each over a clear base: 
ChG Pop the Question/Lippman Collex Prelude 2 a kiss
Polish not given.
China Glaze Free Love, China Glaze Liquid Leather, and Sephora By OPI Cab Fare
Color Club Limelight, 3 coats
xitsallxovernowx from MUA 
  $OPI 212 over black with 1 THIN coat of CG city lights. 1 coat black, 2 coats 212 and 1 city lights
Nina Ultra Pro in Last Call.  3 coats.
Marcia from MUA
 This is Nubar Ruby, 2 coats. Base coat is Seche Vite, top coat is Nubar Diamont.
Dana Beauty black glitter polish #35, an over it Top Beauty colored glitter polish #34
L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium - #734
Two Coats
Zoya Veruschka in 2 coats
 Lucy from Lucy's Stash
 NYX Las Vegas, China Glaze Holographic Top coat and Konad
 Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit, one coat of Essie Matte About You, and the stamp is China Glaze 2030 with plates M42 and M44
 frankened polish
Claire's Dream Catcher, 2 coats
China Glaze Let's Groove for base (two coats) and China Glaze Awaken for Konad
3 coats Sally Hansen Grape Going, 2 coats Pure Ice Heartbreaker (base coat and SV as well)
 Rebecca from Nails Etc
 H&M's My Favourite Jeans. This was 2 coats.
zoya raven with 2 coats nyx purple ave
Street Wear 'Lilac Mirror'(It's an Indian brand) 2 coats
Toma Mood Changing, MC-9 Plum to Red
BB Couture Erotic Night
 Heli-Yum from the China Glaze 2010 Spring Collection
 accidentalstar from MUA
Two coats of American Apparel Peacock with Konad plate M60
2 coats China Glaze FYI
Pink Ice "First Love" for the background color, Goya "Verouscha" for the leaves and red #29 from my no-name-nail-polish. I used two coats of pink. Then I drew hearts with a toothpick. Then I drew the 'approximation' of a rose and rosebud and leaves on the thumb, and a bigger rosebud on the ring finger. Yes. With a toothpick. So don't pick on my drawing, lol.
 Snap Happy from MUA
Essence Show your feet 01 Caribbean Sea two coats
Petites, Bronze Baby, two coats
Sally Hansen's Insta Dri in Jumpin' Jade #22
Sephora by Opi in What's a Tire Jack? (Matte version) and Absolutely Alice by Opi. Two coats each.
Nfu-oh 52 over Nfu-oh 272
Revvvolution met Worth the risque Konad 03.jpg
two coats of Color Club - Fashion Addict
No info given.
ChG Cords
 jbrobeck from MUA
Essie Greenport.

That was exhausting.  If you emailed me but do not see your picture that means you fail at the internet and sent me a dead link.  There were several...hahahahaha. 

I will be posting the two winners tomorrow so stay tuned homies.

Love, MM


  1. Darn I missed this competition :( All these looks great, I think its gonna be hard to chose for your stepdaughters :) Best of luck to all entered :D

  2. Yay, lots of pretty entries! Good luck everyone. :)

  3. Wow, Kitty's nails are gorgeous! If only I could grow mine that long and not have to worry about gouging out my eyes taking out my contact lenses.

  4. They're all so pretty! Such a cool idea!

  5. oooops sorry! mine was visit me in prizm with orly matte vinyl =)