Friday, March 26, 2010

Color Club Pardon my French Collection


This collection left a lot to be desired.  The formula on the cremes save one, Take me to your chateau which was a one coater, was streaky, sheer and took 3+ coats to even out. Not to mention the colors are BOOOR-ING, played out, and one of them is just plain, straight up, ugly dude!  I mean come on, a couple of overdone pinks and pastels, 2 boring glitters and one ugly glitter?  This is a FREAKIN STUPID collection Color Club!

The glitters were totally sheer, crap, and basically unbuildable, unless you want to deal with INSANE tip drag. So I had to layer them, which I hate!  If you wanted to achieve bottle color on those glitters, you would need to take the drastic measure of letting each coat dry completely before applying the next of a total of about 5-6 coats. Even if you use a nude base coat, which I did, bottle color is going to take a good 3-4 coats.

I feel like a real ass for giving this as a prize a few weeks ago.  I hadn't swatched them when I gave it away, otherwise I never would have.  I'm sorry your prize is crap, dear winner.  I think the name of this collection is pretty hilarious considering all the cussing that will take place all over the world as pissed off women try to paint their nails with these polishes.
 3 coats, not worth it.
4 coats, retarded.
 2 coats over nude. So sheer!
Who the hell's skin is this color?  My BFF will lol at this because it's clearly ONLY for people with Jaundice.
This is one of the ugliest polishes I have ever seen. It's 2 coats over a nude.
This one applied awesome. It was good in one coat but I did 2 out of habit.
 This is 2 coats over take me to your chateau.

Love, MM


  1. Everything looks good on you. Everything!

    So you didn't like these polishes then? ;o)

  2. Lameness. At least one was good. The yellow glitter one looks good in the bottle, but makes your nails looks sickly stained on the nail. Like a smoker that smokes 3 packs a day stained. might as well add some lovely dark orange burnt skin around the fingers that hold the smoke.
    *sigh* What a shame. The last two look nice together.

  3. Aww, I like the first two! I just bought this set at Ross for $7.99. I figured that if I didn't like the colors, I could always franken them into something better.

  4. I have to agree: This collection is fug, and I can't believe so many people got excited about finding this at Ross for $8! $8 is about $7.49 too much, if you ask me. Blech.

  5. I am SO glad I didn't buy this set when I saw it at Ross. Sheer = bleh.

  6. Oh Poo! I did buy it. Well smell! Going to have to swatch it anyway. It does look pretty one your nails!

  7. thanks!!! This kind of advice is precious, I don't wanna waste money on lame/sheer polishes!

  8. I found this problem with a past color club glitter too -- Tru Passion. It took me 3 coats just to get average glitter, and I was expecting by the way that the bottle looked, a purpleish base with a ton of glitter.

  9. LOL! I was your prize winner. But I still like them. They definitely aren't anything out of this world. I agree with that. But they aren't so bad. Maybe it's just because I'm easily pleased. =)

  10. I actually liked this collection. Guess I'm easily pleased *with polish* too.

  11. All in all we almost empty the bottles with only one or two applications! XD Gladly the colours are not that bad! -_- just simple.