Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ya Rly Giveaway Winner!

Last weeks give away was a bottle of Orly Enchanted Forest and a bottle of Matte Magic topcoat.  That post and comments can be seen here.

Out of the 44 comments, 4 people didn't want to enter.  So I used the number 40 in the random number generator so I would not decrease the odds of winning.  
Number 40 come on down...

Teresa said...
I told my girlfriends about it at dinner last night :) thanks!!  
Congrats Teresa!!!   Email me at ManateeMama@live.com to claim your prize!!!   
Thanks to everyone who entered!    
Oh, yeah.  Don't think I didn't notice that a few of you shysters did not exactly follow the rules.  I let it slide this time because none of you won.  But next time when it's time to pick a winner I will be deleting the comments that did not pay attention to the freakin' protocol.  So there! 


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :)
    I can't believe I won! Makes up for having the stomach flu for a week and missing valentines day. :)

  2. Aw your welcome Teresa! Your package is in da mail!

  3. Hey, my name is Teresa!! *takes prize*