Friday, February 5, 2010

Holy Shiz!

Did somebody say something?  I missed it.  OH!  That was me screaming "HOLY SHIT!" in a tone normally not detectable to the human ear.  It must have been so high pitched that it came out without me really realizing. 

 The buzz amongst us crazies is that Nfu-oh 569 is a dead on duplicate to the holy grail of hard to find polishes, NARS Zulu.   Well maybe Zulu isn't the holy grail, that's more likely to be Clarins 230.  But Zulu is at LEAST the holy shot glass, or at the VERY least the holy sippy cup.  But, on the other hand Zulu is way too bad ass, and hardcore to be a "holy" anything now that I think about it.   Judging by the looks of him, I'm sure Zulu has had a drug problem at some point, and probably a few DUIs.  If not DUI's, at the bare minimum a suspended license due to back child support, and he definitely has a criminal record. 
Since I don't HAVE Zulu I can't show you a comparison shot.  But hey, if I had Zulu I wouldn't have gotten Nfu-oh 569, so there.  This is 2-3 coats.  Some fingers were a little lighter than others at 2 coats, so some are 2 some are 3.  If you weren't applying it like you were in an Olympic nail polishing speed event like I was, I'm sure you could easily do 2 coats.  This sucker dries SMOOTH and SHINY.  These photos are all with no topcoat and dry polish.  For any of you who may not have met Zulu, here is an introduction from The Polish Addict.
Depending on the lighting this polish can look very dark, almost black, or more true green.  I tried to get a photo of it in all the different light conditions I have access to, so that you could get the best gauge on the color.

Well my take on this whole Zulu dupe business is that yeah, it's probably as close is it's gonna get.  But, I really don't think it's even a contest between 569 and Zulu.  There is just no way that NARS could have beaten out this incredible Nfu-oh formula with Zulu.  NO FREAKIN WAY.  569 applies like a cream, isn't streaky and dries to an incredible shine.  I had no problems with cuticle drag or runs, and it's a 2 coater!  Not to mention the OBVIOUS fact that the Nfu-oh bottle laughs straight in the NARS bottle's face and I think I even saw the NARS bottle sobbing in the corner. 

Zulu would probably steal all your jewelry and pawn your T.V. while you were out of town anyways.


  1. Oh noooo I need this one, lol. It's so pretty, and the shine!! It looks so good on you :-)

  2. I MUST have this polish. Looks amazing on you.

  3. You're absolutely killing me with LOL, 569 and 570. I'm a sucker for a jelly. Well, I'm a sucker for nail polish! :)