Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day Mani.

Here it is. My incredibly tacky, gaudy Valentines Mani.  At least this will be my mani until I can think of something more obnoxious to do. 
Colors are China Glaze Salsa and Seduce me. The pink stripes are L.A. Colors Art deco in pink shimmer.  

ETA:  Shit just got crazy. 

"Jewellery" over at MUA slapped some sense into me.  She was like, "Where's the glitter?  Where's the rhinestones?" She was totally right!  My original mani was no where NEAR gaudy or annoying enough!  So, VIOLA! 
There we go.


  1. LOL i dug the 80s vibe I was getting at the beginning...and then it took a very wrong turn :P LOL

  2. Seriously, it would be very difficult to make that mani any more obnoxious and nauseating. Well done!!

  3. This is so 80's...I'm in awe! Gawdy and delightful.

  4. I love it! My favorite is how it looks before all of the glitter. It is so smooth. It reminds me of those handmade ribbon candies! AND You have such pretty nails!