Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crazy Town

Lately I've been on this obsessive kick for red cremes.  It's all I want to wear.  So, since I never allow myself to just do what I want.  I've been forcing myself to branch out into the pinkish, redish mauve, and purple range.  I placed a Zoya order, and when I opened the box and started unloading polishes I realized I had ordered SIX nearly identical pinkish red polishes.  It seems when I want something I don't just buy ONE of what I want.  I buy every polish available that is close to that color!  So now I have 6 redish pink Zoyas sitting on my shelf in addition to all the other red Zoyas I already had. When I want redish pink, I BUY REDISH PINK people.  Is one enough?  Nope! Gimmie every single one you got, apparently I dont even care if they are nearly identical!  It seems I have a hoarding problem with things in the redish pink color spectrum despite the fact that I really don't LIKE redish freakin PINK!  
Not to mention, I also got some Orlys and 3 of them are nearly dead on dupes to 3 of the Zoyas I got.  I laid them all out together and match after match just kept appearing!  Lucky me!  Oh yeah!  I cleared out the redish pink section of Orlys too!  Don't try to find any because every single redish pink polish ever made is sitting in a pile on my living room floor.  So, if any of you gals need  to borrow some red, pink, or mauve cremes COME ON DOWN to crazy-town and lets get you polished up!
From left to right we have- Paris, Sofia, Demi, Ciara, Moxie, and Vanessa. 
2 coats. Ok.
2 coats, a little brighter than Ciara.
2 coats. This is pretty. 
2 coats. Ok, a little more towards purple, doing better. It isn't this purple IRL though my camera adds blue to anything thats even CLOSE to purple.
This one was 3 coats. Back were we started. A slightly darker version of Ciara.
Thank goodness I had the sense to toss this one in my cart along with all the pink or I think I would have seriously lost it.  I love this! 2 coats.


  1. I love all of these! I know I have some (all?) of them.
    I'm totally the same way -- when I get on a certain color kick, I have to buy 3,419 bottles of that color. Within, like, a week.

  2. Those are all gorgeous! I love those kinds of colors!

  3. Ahh well they're not THAT much alike! Demi has like a bit more red than Sofia and Moxie is just slightly more purple than Vanessa? Or something. Well anyway Paris is different!!!

  4. Hehehe! I always do the same thing: Place orders all over the place, tapping fingers waiting, open the packages, just to find out I've order a million polishes of the same shade. What is that?