Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks Tina!

Welp, the floodgates are open all thanks to Tinab123.  Why did you have to coerce me into trying Nubar Tina?  I violently refused your offer to swap me some Nubar, Tina, and you FORCED me to try it.  SHE FORCED ME, people.  You know I am a compulsive polish hoarder and I would become obsessed .  Until now I have successfully avoided trying Nubar so I could focus on collecting 10 or so other brands before I opened yet another floodgate.  Well that plan FAILED.  We will just throw that plan in the trash to keep all my other failed plans company. 
This is 2 coats of the glorious, habit forming Nubar Forest.  If there was a polish to addict you to a certain brand, this would be IT.  How perfect.  I absolutely adore this Tina.  Thank you so much for corrupting my fragile little comfort zone.  I love it!

I mean, so what if the transaction actually went more like this-

TINAB123: Hey, you wanna try some Nubar Manatee Mama?
MANATEEMAMA: Damn right, Tina!

That is totally irrelevant and how dare you bring that up at a time like this?  


  1. I am a total Nubar fanatic. I love the way it applies, the pigmentation, and the wear? OMG, I've had Nuber Swiss Chocolate on my toes now for well over 2 months. It's been in shoes, out of shoes, on the beach, in fresh and salt water...and it still shiney and looks "just applied."
    Nubar Rocks!

  2. LOL! I'm such an evil enabler! You're not gonna start drinking acetone martinis to drown your sorrows and forget about the empty wallet are you?? It looks soooo fab on you... so yeah, I guess my work here is done =D

  3. Love your reading style, very funny. Love it. I haven't had any Nubar, good for you to have Tina to enable you, lol

  4. Wonderful picture :D You really make it look nice :)

  5. I love nubar forest SO much. SO SO much. :D

  6. Whoa that is niice~~ Haven't tried Nubar myself but I've been eyeing it for a while...

    Maybe I should hop on the bandwagon also...?