Wednesday, February 3, 2010

V-Day Practice.

I really could care less about Valentines Day and we don't celebrate it, but I AM going to use it as an excuse to do an over the top, gaudy manicure.  I find this hilarious because I pride myself in not basing the value of my relationship on commercial holidays like V-day.   We are like, totally above that crap, man.

Then, Valentines Day rolls around and all those "We're above it all" feelings go straight out the window because I *Still* expect a gift and get all pissed when I don't get one.  It's one of those unbreakable female instincts.  I get all depressed and think to myself  "who cares if I told him I don't want to celebrate valentines he should get me flowers anyway just because he wants to".  I then silently convince myself that he doesn't love me for 8-12 hours. I don't say that petty crap out loud though.  Remember, it was my idea not to celebrate the stupid holiday.  So the statement that should have started this post was, "I really could care less about Valentines Day on everyday of the year except Valentines Day".

Anyhoo, here are some of my practice runs, and ideas for V-day manis.
 Zoya Vanessa with dots in Essie MCA and Essie African Violet. Not gaudy enough but close.
Essie African Violet with Lippman Maneater. Erm, this was supposed to be like those V-day chocolates with the pink middles. The ring finger looks like it's missing something. It's just ok., not NEARLY obnoxious enough.
Cutesy. This is Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl with China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling flowers and a silver glitter for the centers.
This was an attempt at sort of a "reverse" french. It looks terrible. The polishes are Misa High Waist Hue, and Push Upon It. Boring and Blech.
Essie MCA with a Sinful Black on Black chevron outlined in white. This was meant to remind me of those little pastel candy hearts but I don't think it's cutting it.
Oh the horror, the terrifying chunky horror!  This craptastic mani truley captures the essence of  V-day. I keep picturing some lady seriously wearing this around like it's totaly normal to focus on expensive gifts to the point of wearing it as a manicure, then I giggle hysterically.


  1. I vote dolla dolla bill y'all!! :D Or maybe some candy heats with dollar signs in them, lol!

  2. I love these, just beautiful!
    second I have to say, I am so sorry I could have sworn I was following you and I feel like total jerk for missing your blog!

  3. last mani. Most def. appropriate for Valentine's Day. :)

    I want to try this, now...

  4. ooh i love the first one!

  5. I love them all, including the ones you don't.....