Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sun'll come out Tomorrow.

After I have taken off my holo there'll be sun.  It seriously never fails. Every time I want to swatch holos the sun disappears. Yesterday I was out in my yard with my camera in one hand and a bottle of polish in the other CHASING a beam of sunshine around the yard.  For serious I was RUNNING around.  As soon as I got my nails in the sun I would stop and position the bottle just right right and try to snap a picture.  But at some point I was too busy to notice that a service truck had driven down my driveway to access the satellite tower behind my house and was sitting in plain view watching me running around acting like a lunatic.  So I leapt onto my porch like a gazelle, somehow not falling since both my hands were full, dashed inside and made the executive decision to snap pics under my desk lamp.  It really was pointless to do the whole gazelle thing though because they were right there watching me run around the yard enthusiastically taking photos of my own hand.   Then they sat and watched me as I spotted them and ran inside. I probably should have just waved at them, then walked inside like a normal person.  So now, according to the tower dudes, I'm the lady that has an unhealthy infatuation with her own hand and in her sick twisted desperation to keep it secret she runs inside to hide when she sees other humans.  Awesome.
Here is the one passable photo I was able to take in the sun before fleeing indoors to safety.  This is LOL, with chevron tips in DV8.
Yeah, so I wasn't just failing hard by referencing that Little Orphan Annie song at the beginning of this post.  I'm totally going somewhere with that.  I sang that song in my school talent show when I was in 4th grade.  Would you like me to describe it for you in one adjective?  TRAGIC.  Here's the scoop dudes.  I will never forgive my mother for letting me wear the "dress" I wore in that talent show.  It was a black, um, frock that was covered in primary colored polka dots the size of softballs.  I can't really describe what type of dress it was. It was basically a mass of untailored fabric that hung to the middle of the shin. Not ankle length, not knee length, SHIN length.  It had no waist, no ties, no bow, no nothing. The collar, yes it had a COLLAR, on this thing was one of those Amish looking rounded collars that look like you're wearing a freakin BIB.  I think somebody must have made it themselves and put it on the rack at Target as a joke.
The dress isn't even the low point here.  I stood up on that stage gripping the microphone until my knuckles where white, drenched in that nightmare of a "dress" and missed my Que to start singing FOUR TIMES.  They had to keep starting the song over for me.  I just stood there acting like nothing was wrong ignoring the part of the song where I was supposed to sing.  I eventually did sing my song though.  Oh the horror, good lord that is a STUPID SONG.  Why did you let me pick that stupid song mom?  Why did you buy that "dress" for me mom?  Why? 
These are all 2 coats of China Glazes OMG collection polishes. These are my favorite holos. They are so awesome and dry super fast.  Please pardon the "strip mall spray tan" look my fingers are sporting.  It's from my desk lamp.  It's a shame about the lamp, these really are a lot prettier in the sunshine.


  1. LOL @ gazelle... you spooked... they were probably amuzed, but you have to do what needs to be done to get a good holo pic =P

  2. Oh WOW! =O

    Great, great and great!

    ROLF! You story! =D

  3. That story is hilarious! I love the swatches though, you take great pictures!

  4. Your nails are perfection! And your stories make my day! My day seems so boring and uneventful and just blehh compared to yours!