Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jelly baby.

While I'm busy snuggling and smooching, I'll leave you dudes with some swatches of wonderful Jellies.  After all it IS valentines day!  And you guys know how I am ALL about commercialism controlling the happiness in my relationship.
I freaking LOVE this red jelly.  It took 4 coats to get it this opaque but I don't effing care!  It doesn't matter to Jesus!
Yeah, the bottle is all smudged.  Look, I can't be scrubbing and cleaning all kinds of jars, and WHO KNOWS how many bottles.  I recently got this long time lemming in a swap and I am in LOVE with it.  It's more of a very dark raspberry color than a true red.  This was 3 coats.  Any Brian Reagan fans out there?
I love this warm purple jelly!  It's so juicy. HAR DE HAR HAR. This was a whopping 5 coats but I didn't need that many.  I just wanted it to be completely opaque.  Sorry about the lame juicy thing.
Wowza!  Quick somebody get me my inhaler!  I need it so I can smash it against the wall in my sheer excitement.  This is THE purple jelly people. The polish brand is Sugar Baby.  It dries about 4 shades darker than bottle color.  Which is a very good thing, because if it didn't it would be a dead on dupe to Nfu-oh 554.  We can't have that now can we?
Here is an outdoor photo of it for good measure. 3 coats

Happy Valentines day everyone, and if you haven't done so yet, get in the shower and shave your freakin' legs you lazy ho!  Don't you know that shaving your legs today is your man's reward for the $4.99 bouquet of  flowers he got you at 1 AM from Wal-mart last night?  Seriously I was at Wal-mart last night and the self checkout line was a mile long.  It was comprised of nothing but solitary males holding shitty flowers looking ashamed.


  1. Ok ok I guess I'll shave my legs, Michael does deserve that after he sent me flowers at work! LOL. You crack me up. You have stunning nails! Have a great Valentines Day!

  2. lol. I love this entry for multiple reasons. Your swatches are amazing, and your little Valentines day blurb is so dead on, it's hilarious. =D

  3. om om...Oh deary me.. More on my to buy list!! gorgeous jellies.. at this rate I am gonna have to hide my bf will go spare!!

  4. Wow! You Rock looks amazing on you. I am so glad that I picked that one to send to you (I was secretly hoping it was jelly-ish when I grabbed the bottle and looks like I was right!).

  5. Ooh, I'm liking all of these!

  6. Thanks Belinda!!! You did an amazing job picking that extra for me! I lubs it. *hugs teensy bottle*

  7. I love Brian Reagan! And I officially love your blog! I just found it, and followed right away! Your nails make me happy!!!! =D


  8. I just visited you thanks to a link on Dr. Frankenpolish's site. :) Your blog is awesome! (And yes, I'm a Brian Regan fan. I saw him live and got a pic with him!)