Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olympic style speed swatching!!

Does anyone else here have really long hair?  Well I do, and it gets everywhereWith as much of it as there is strewn over every object in my house it is a miracle I have even one strand of it left on my head.

So what, right?  It isn't the end of the world to have some strands of hair lying around.  After all most women with long hair have the same problem.  Well, most women probably aren't total lunatic spazzes like me.  So, yeah it's different.

What happens to me as a result of my hair being all over the place is this.  I will be going about whatever no doubt idiotic task I'm doing at any given moment and FEEL a hair touch my hand.  Instead of realizing that is in fact a HAIR.  I do this instead, "OMG A SPIDER!!!" and mindlessly launch whatever object the hair was attached to across the room. 

So, on any given day I throw at least one item on the ground and run away.  You would think I could get this under control simply for the sake of keeping up appearances.  I mean I can't just go around screaming and throwing random objects then running away in front of company.

This morning while preparing to do some swatching the lucky item that got hurled through the air was a 1/4 full OPEN bottle of acetone.  Awesome. 

Being the brilliant free thinker that I am I grabbed my polish towel (I use a towel to remove polish so I don't make a lot of waste.) and mopped up the acetone.  I then did some Olympic style speed swatching so that I could use up some of the acetone before it evaporated. 

I painted on my first swatch so fast I was actually shaking and nearly worked myself up into frenzy over it.  Took my photo and grabbed my acetone soaked towel to get ready for swatch 2.  Of course the towel was already dry.  OF COURSE.  But it did not evaporate too fast to remove a dinner plate size chunk of the stain finish off my desk where I had thrown it in such a hurry.

I did some swatching anyway though. 

Beautiful blackened green shimmer.  My absolute favorite green shimmer.  This is 2 coats. 

Silver micro giltter in a clear base.  This was released as part of 09 christmas from China Glaze.  It's better layered but I wanted to see how many coats it would take to be worn on it's own.  The answer is 5.

Dark purple shimmer.  Ohhh.  It's so pretty.  Almost looks blackened, but it isnt so dark that it looks black indoors. 2 coats.

Bright red micro glitter in a black jelly base.  This is 3 coats.  My advice for this one would be to use a good one coat black like Sinful Colors- black on black, then layer this over it.  This is with no topcoat and it really needs one.

This was released as a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive by China Glaze for Halloween 2009.  It's orange small and medium round glitter as well as large hex glitter in a black base.  This one is very tricky to apply.  It takes 3 coats plus at least 2 coats of a good topcoat.


  1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean! I'm always getting a loose strand that works its way down to my ankle. I'll start running in circles going "get it off, get it off!" and someone will say "Umm, there's nothing there O.o"

    Your nails are gorgeous. I'm really wishing now that I had made more of an effot to find Fortune Teller, sigh.

  2. LOL! I think you can get fortune teller at sally beauty online. Not sure. But a lot of sallys stores have it marked down to 3.99 if they still have any.

  3. HA! I have to cut my hair once it reaches my collar bone. I have been busted in public MANY times flailing like an idiot because my hair brushed over it and I thought there was a bug on me. I can't even handle my own stupidity sometimes.

  4. Haahaha! You make me laugh like no other. Just the right sense of humor that I love.
    I know what you mean about the long hair being EVERYWHERE. My hair is all over the floor in the bathroom, in my room, the living room, etc. I've thought the same thing about how do I have any hair left.