Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not so hot, Hot Topic

During my haul-tastic weekend we made a trip to the mall. I seriously haven't been inside a mall in years. To put it nicely I just don't care for crowds. But, the lure of fabulous nail polishes and the smiling faces of my dear step daughters was just too great to resist.

One of the stores on my list was Hot Topic. They have polish in the most adorable little punk rock bottles. I have wanted them ever since I saw them on Scrangie's blog. So when I spotted the Hot Topic I was overcome with glorious feelings of excitement and walsed right in as if we belonged there.

Um, we didn't belong there. Let me paint the picture for you. The inside of Hot Topic was a writhing sea of sweaty teen bodies and unfortunate fashion. In the center of this hot pink and black mass of cloth and adolescents stood my family. My fiancé, in his 30s sporting an Izod golfing shirt and a "born to fish" baseball cap. My pre-teen ever so innocent looking step daughters clad in pastels and pony tails with looks of sheer joy plastered on their faces. And me, wearing the MOST hideous pair of Lee old lady leans and a brown button down sweater. LOOK. The jeans were a gift from my mother whom I was visiting so I had to wear them ok. And no she doesn’t live in Hot Topic, she lives in the town the Hot topic is in.

We were basically like Waldo in a Where's Waldo? book only if Waldo were a giant red beacon that took up half the page. Our family probably appeared as though we were lost and needed directions to the nearest golf course STAT! We did have a little bit of help blending in from the taller child though, who was wearing a braided, neon purple, weave-like, clip in hair extension she got at
Claires. It didn't quite cut it. 

It wasn't always this way. I used to be cool and dark and edgy and could have totally pulled off a Hot Topic trip. But back then I was way too cool to be seen in a retarded ass Hot Topic so...there ya go.

I did still manage to get a hold of three of these cute little bottles despite my early onset mid-life crisis. Hurray! And now my mission has been cemented. I must have a long row of these bottles lined up before me. MUST. 

The hot topic polishes dont have names anywhere that I can see so I can't help you there. This is a purple jelly packed with electric blue and purple glass fleck glitter. It is beautiful! This is 3 coats, indoors. The fluorescents really pulled out the blue shimmer in this pic. You can see more of the purple base in the sun.

Here is the same polish outdoors. So pretty.

Gorgeous! Dark blue shimmer. This 2 coats. Its a little darker than it is showing here.

Oh, lord. Here it is in the sun. What a gorgeous blue.

Black with small silver glitter. Very pretty but this took FIVE coats! Picture is indoors, I didn't bother with a sun picture it looks exactly the same.

These polishes retail for 2.99 and at that price rubbing shoulders with grubby little 14 year old vampires is totally worth it!

PS- Hey Mom I know you're reading this. I was just kidding about the jeans they are totally awesome. Seriously they ROCK!


  1. Sexy nails! Those colors are wonderful!

    I always feel pretty out of place in there too, and Claries.

  2. Thanks man! Claires wasnt that bad for me, I had kids with me to make me look legit. lol!

  3. Lol, well at least you got some gorgeous nail polishes out of that awkward trip!! I'm loving the purple jelly!

  4. you majorly crack me up!
    Totally how I felt last week in Claire's where I went to score dreamcatcher and some polish for my 12 year old neice.
    I am oh-so-cool at 43!