Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little China Girl.

Let's get down to brass tacks here. China Glaze is by far my favorite brand of nail polish. Why? Well, I could go on and on about their formula, color selection, drying time etc. But let's leave it at this- It's just better. I'm sure I will ramble endlessly about it in due time.

If you are like me you love things in repetition. Whether it be a perfectly aligned row of photos hanging on a wall or a meticulously organized DVD collection. I don't know what it is but repetition makes me smile. So, you might imagine that a long row of gorgeous China Glaze bottles lined up makes me squeal with delight. There is just something about the matching shiny bottles that really gets me going. But, hopefully you can't identify with with any of this because if you are like me you are also most likely a total lunatic, so don't be like me. 

Unlike some other mid price polish brands (I'm talking to you OPI) china glaze rarely needs more than 2 coats. Sometimes one. Very rarely I'll stumble on a 3 coater but these have always been colors that were meant to be worn sheer. I just wanted to build them darker with more coats.

Here are some of my favorite China Glaze polishes.

How could I possibly start off a CG post with any other polish? Ruby Pumps is THE red glitter. Period. This is 2 coats and seche vite topcoat.

2 Coats. I think this polish speaks for itself. But just in case it's feeling tired today I'll do it. AWESOME.

Can you handle the holo? Yeah, you can't handle the holo. While this polish is freakin sweet I have to confess I mostly love it for the name. I'll be first in line if they make polishes named "after while crocodile" or "down the road little toad".

Rich black with gold shimmer almost makes this polish look olive green. Spectacular. It is so glossy it's almost impossible to capture the color without the shine blocking it from view. This is 2 coats, as usual.

This is black with electric blue shimmer. It is pretty up close but from a distance it takes on a greenish cast overall which I love! 2 coats.

Purple base with tan/gold shimmer. This polish is so unique, and is often overlooked.  2 coats

Rich deep purple creme. Beautiful. 2 coats.I love this color!

Very deep red almost burgundy with copper shimmer. This one comes alive in the sun. 2 coats.

OMG! This is a blackened teal shimmer. 2 coats. Perfection. Oh how I adore this. The swatch is a little wonky but it shows the color of the polish well.

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  1. cool polishes! also how much does a china glaze usually cost?