Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mostly Meh, Sometimes Marvelous.

I am so addicted to shopping drug stores and department stores for polish sales.  I almost always order my polish online, so I'm used to waiting for things in the mail.  This was the only way I ever used to acquire polish.  So, shopping in person for polish and actually getting my hands on it right then became an instant addiction.  I usually regret it right away because sales always outweigh whether or not I actually want something.  Not to mention the "deals" always add up to an amount of money that could have purchased the polishes I REALLY wanted online.  Keep in mind this obsession only started about 2 months ago when Walgreens ran it's first BOGO on Sinful Colors.  Before that I had never purchased nail polish in person EVER.  Not once.

To top it off there are always rushes on certain drugstore brands of polish once online swatches start to circulate.  When I see one of these "desirable" polishes I ALWAYS buy it.  Whether I personally like it is not even a factor.  A prime example is Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud.  I finally spotted it and bought it without thinking.  I never even opened it because I knew I would end up swapping it since I don't even like the stupid polish in the first place.  Alas, I broke down and swatched it anyway today just to see what all the fuss is about.  My original opinion still stands on this one, "meh".
This was 2 coats.

 Then there are stores like Ross.  At this store you will find packs of several polishes for the price that just one bottle in the pack would sell for at a drug store.  I CANNOT resist them.  10 mixed Sally Hansens for $4.99?  A pack of 5 old school Rimmels for 2.99?  Give me a break!   I am helpless against the powers of low prices.  So, I end up with piles of pinks and sheers I wont ever wear.  At least they were dirt cheap right?  These next two are a crazy amount of coats, like 5?   I'll try to keep the suck to a minimum.
I actually don't hate this one.  It's ok.  2 coats.

Then there are the "sleepers". The polishes I grab because they are on sale that I end up LOVING. They really make all the duds and mindless spending worth it to me.
Rimmel Camoflauge. Gorgeous green shimmer. 2 coats $1.09 at Walgreens!
Deliciously Dark. Super dark purple creme. Awesome! Also, $1.09 at Walgreens.
This is one of the only darker nude shades I like. I love it actually. It flows on smooth like a 20 dollar polish, is opaque in one coat, dries fast and here's the freakin KICKER folks- this polish came in a 2 pack for ONE dollar at a Family Dollar.
Here is the other half of the dollar pack duo.  This also flows like buttah, and dries fast.  It's in my top 3 reds. Yep, 50 cent playa!
My new favorite dark blue shimmer.  It's a rich midnight blue with lots of shimmer that shines TEAL! This is 2 thin coats.  Surprise! This is 99 cents a bottle!

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  1. Great catagory descriptions. I hate those sales, they always suck me in too. Your nails are beautiful!