Monday, January 25, 2010


I spent my weekend nail polish hunting with my dear step daughters. It was seriously the best time I have had in months! Among a million other places we went to our very first Ulta and OMG! We squealed, and gasped, and giggled the entire time. The moment we walked in both the girls stopped dead in their tracks and they both locked eyes with me. Their eyes were HUGE people. You know the eyes I'm talking about here. The ones you make when the waiter places 1/3 of a cow on a platter in front of you instead of the "steak" you ordered. The taller child had this to say in her first Ulta moment, "I think we need a cart".  She actually whispered it like Ulta would disappear if she startled it.

I was a little put off by the sales ladies at Ulta at first because they kept "casually" walking by us and I assumed they thought we were stealing. But then it hit me! They were checking on us because with all the "OMG"s and shrieks and hyperventilating we sounded like we were injured! Seriously.

In other news, I finally got around to trying the Orly mattes this weekend. I haven't been into matte lately. At least not like I was when it first came out, but I have had such a blast messing around with these Orlys!

The formula is good. Not too thick, not runny, not gloppy. It also isn't as hard to keep it from streaking as I had thought it would be. I like 'em. They are cool on their own but I REALLY love them for frenchs. So here are the two I got. 2 coats each.

Here are all the different combos I tried with them. The base coats are all 2 coats with the exception of the China Glazes which were both 3 coats.

First up, matte vinyl and iron butterfly together. Love it!

Iron Butterfly with a glossy topcoat. Shiney!

Meh. I like the color but it just didn't pop for me.

Iron Butterfly tips. Now it's kinda cool.

Now let's smother it in Orly Prisma Gloss in gold. Pretty.

*GASP* I freakin love this, SO MUCH.  It's like China Glaze made this polish just for me.

Now with a matte vinyl chevon tip. *Faints* I wore this shopping  Saturday and I got a compliment! People never notice my nails. Score!

Very pretty. I really like this too. It's a bit darker in real life.

Added a matte vinyl tip. Awesome.

Here is Dorothy Who? On it's own. I usually layer this over a darker blue because it is blinding!

Slaped some matte magic on it. Pretty.


  1. Oh boy I love all of these. And your style of writing is superb!

  2. Oh my gosh thank you so much for that awesome compliment! :)