Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's not the colors.

There is something sinful about Sinful colors polishes but it's certainly not the colors. It's the price people. Seriously Sinful colors, how can I be expected to maintain any amount of normalcy and not buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of your polishes when they are only $1.99 a bottle. HOW?

I almost forgot to mention(not really) that pretty often walgreens has been running BOGO adds on Sinful colors polish. Egads! That makes these little bottles of pretty paint only $1 each! 

As for the quality I have not had a single problem. Let's put it this way, I would reach for a sinful before I reached for an OPI, every time. Sorry OPI. (not really, again).

I even made up my own little version of a normally retarded song to sing about sinful colors. It goes like this- Don't you wish your girlfriend was cheap like me. Don't you wish your girlfriend could read like me. Don'tcha! 

Without further adieu bring on the SIN!

Yeah, so? I like this pretty pink polish. Deal with it. As my BFF would say "I'm too hardcore for braids" I assume this also covers polishes of the pink variety. Well, BFF here's what I say- I'm hardcore Enough for braids (and pink polish). This is 3 coats.

This polish is red alright. Red like a one coat OPI. And yes I see the bubble on my pointer finger. As my mother used to say, Waste not want not! But for real my mother never said that I'm just lazy. 2 coats

2 coats. Perfect name for this stank looking polish. No offense I'm just not into orange.

Oh how I love this. Before you go falling in love too please note this polish is WAY less blue than this picture. It is a glorious deep purple jelly with purple and gold fleck glitter. This is 3 coats.

This vibrant blue is so hard to capture with a camera. It's almost electric. 2 coats.

This is nearly a dead ringer for China Glaze Blk-Bila Bong. Love it. 3 coats.

This one is just ok, Love the color but green shimmers get old for me. Green cremes are a different story. A whole different book actually. 2 coats.

Olive greenish, yellowy shimmer. 2 coats

This is 3 coats over show me the way.I kinda like it.

Gorgeous blackened burgundy. 2 coats.

I freakin love this! Black with silver micro glitter. This is a one coater if you're careful.

This is one coat over black. Notice how it looks borring in the bottle but comes alive on my nails? This polish is like a librarian that works at night as a stripper. A good top coat will hide any graininess from the glitter.

Also one coat over black. This polish is as close to gold foil in a bottle that I have seen. At 3 coats it turns opaque. Both of these glitters are over sinful colors- black on black which is the best ONE coat black creme, period.


  1. These are gorgeous! I have Daddy's Girl, Pearl Harbor, Rich In Heart and See You Soon. I've only wore See you Soon so far and I love it! Like you said its so similar to ChG Blk Bila Bong which I also just love love love!

  2. OMG you just doubled my wishlist! They look gorgeous on you! *writes down names of polishes*

  3. Haha, I love the librarian as a stripper quote! Whenever I wear my glasses and tell my S.O. that I look like a librarian he usually responds " A sexy stripper librarian, right?" He can only dream.

  4. Oh wow, ALL of those colors are wonderful. I like Secret Admirer the most.
    Really love your nails

  5. I love my Sinfuls! Dream On looks like some sort of special effect on my nails & Secret Admirer is a one coat wonder!