Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lighter Side.

I don't know if others have this problem but I always seem to ignore lighter colored polishes. Sure I will have an opinion when I see a swatch of one or maybe even write one down from time to time. But when the shit hits the fan, otherwise known as- when the cash hits my hand, and I'm feverishly loading up an online shopping cart these colors almost always get left behind.

Since I'm all about breaking bad habits and becoming a model citizen, I decided to force myself to make an order of only lights, neutrals, and pastels. I mean, I can't just go around buying up all the dark blue shimmers in the universe and hoarding them all in a cauldron on my side of the rainbow now can I?

Maybe I'm not all about becoming a model citizen. Maybe I'm really all about imposing bizarre, groundless limitations on myself and following them with the utmost of honor! That's me! The one who thinks forcing herself to buy some tan colored nail polish makes her a beacon of society.

Anyway here are the polishes that made the cut from my, "I'm a better person because I bought these instead of what I really wanted" order.

Eh, just ok. But it's going to be HTF soon so you'll never pry it from my fingers! I think this was a 3 coater.

I really like this one. BUT a word of warning. Do not under any circumstances apply this evil liquid to your bare nail. Ok, there is ONE circumstance in which you could apply this to your bare nail. You are having a party on the surface of the sun and you want your nails to match it. It stains your nails yellow, man.

This one was kinda cool too but it gives my hands The look of a fresh sunburn. I like the name too. 2 coats.

I expected this to be a lot darker. It's way too warm for me but it's unique so I will wear it anyway and pretend I don't know it looks bad. 2 coats.

This color is totally out of my comfort zone. It's totally out of my comfort zone's comfort zone. I like the color but it's on the "can't wear these until I get a tan" shelf. Which might as well be the trash can. I think this one was like 4 coats. It might be meant to be worn sheer, not sure.

Pretty creamy grey. I wish it was a little darker but, love it. 2 coats.

I don't love this, but I don't hate it. I also don't want to get rid of it so it made the cut. 2 coats.

This is really similar to 'no name yet' but a little more purple. 2 coats. Meh.

Yes, I realize I just posted a pic of this yesterday. But this polish was part of the purchase I'm posting about, so I'm including it anyway. This is 2 coats.

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  1. I can see what you mean about these.. They're not really my thing either, but they do look pretty on you! I can't see anything that looks like a fresh sunburn whatsoever :)