Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I love going to the flea market in my town. I almost always find at least one treasure. Well, treasure to me. You really have to poke around and scope out the booths like a hawk though.

I used to have mini panic attacks every time a vendor spoke to me. I would blush, fidget and dread a hard sell or having to basically tell them "I don't want your crap". Which is what "no thanks" really means at the flea market.

But, after a few visits I learned that simply saying "nail polish?" to each vender can lead to wonderfull results. The first being that they will simply say "no" and leave you alone if they don't have any. The other thing I discovered is that some vendors will actually bring nail polish for you the next weekend if you just ask if they have any! I haven't ever asked a vender that pointed me to polish I hadn't noticed in thier booth. But I have had vendors BRING nail polish from home the next weekend for me to sort through. SCORE!

I have yet to find that heart stopping basket of dusty Essies with SSN nestled inside I always hope for. But I have found some cool stuff.

These 4 are just meh for me. I collect china glaze so I picked them up. I think these were 75 cents each.

Purdy red with gold shimmer. 2 coats

This picture is a little off. It's dustier than it is here in real life. 2 coats.

This is a color I can't find any info on. Like at all. So I snatched it up! 2 coats.

These 3 are just ok. Im not huge into pastels. But, for 25 Cents they ROCK!

I LOVE this red. It glides on smooth and is so glossy. This was one coat but as you can see by the bald patch on my ring finger 2 would have been perfect! This was only 50 freakin cents!

Happy hunting!


  1. Thanks so much! Finding them is even more fun than posting them!

  2. omg you got mint chintz? and crocodile lounge? gah. i just died