Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cat's FREAKIN' Eye!


In my hands, at this moment is a bottle of China Glaze- Cat's Eye.   Not only is it in my hands it's ON my nails!  I have wanted this so badly and for so long. I am nearly at a loss for words.  Nearly.

This polish is exactly as I imagined.  It is dead on accurate to my own cat's eye color.  Observe:


I received this long time lemming in a swap from the most amazing swapper ever.  Do you hear this secret swap fairy?  You are the BEST swapper EVER. 

Here it is in all it's dusty duochromy glory.

A fun fact I learned while taking these photos is the reason why there isn't a polish called "Dog's Eye".  It's because a polish that perfectly captured a dogs eye would not be called dog's eye.  It would be called something more like "Guilt in a Bottle", or "Liquid Guilt". 

This was the Manatee's reaction to me swooning over my cat's eyes and taking 200 million pictures of him today-

He REALLY makes you feel like shit huh?  Nobody want's a polish that looks the way a dog's eye can make you feel.  That would really sell great.  People aren't ransacking store shelves looking for things that make them feel terrible.  I can almost hear the marketing team now, "hey John, let's put something on here about starving children to go with the whole guilty as sin theme".

Despite the the fact that a nail polish called Dog's Eye is an idea riddled with failure, the Manatee REALLY WANTS a nail polish named after him if the cat gets one. Maybe I can get him a scented polish that smells like a rotten wildebeest carcass and we can name it "Musk of Mugsy". We will just have to see.

Let's take another look at that glorious polish to cheer ourselves up after that mood crashing display.

Ahhh.  That is so much better.


  1. I would sell my brother for that polish. No joke.

  2. Thats so pretty, and so cool that it matches your cat's eyes.

    Poor neglected puppy! He should have his own np too.

  3. Wonderful polish, wonderful cat!

    Cat's Eye are high up there on my lemming list too. I'll keep looking for it.
    But the most gorgeous photo was of the little brown and white creature. (he is brown, right? Or am I tricked by the light?)
    Boston terriers, there are no greater dogs! I used to have one just like it, a beautiful brindle Boston boy. I surely miss him!

  4. He is black. The pic is funky. But you are RIGHT that bostons are the best dogs. BEST. B.E.S.T.