Monday, January 18, 2010

Drugstore Deals.

I normally like to stick to brands I get online like Misa, China Glaze, Orly etc. But I just cannot pass up cheap polish. An added bonus to my obsessive polish hoarding problem is that I find a lot of really awesome polishes I wouldn't have ever tried had they not been on sale. This being a prime example.

I only got this because it was marked down to $1.39 at my walgreens and I LOVE to have lots of matching bottles from the same brand. I am low on rimmels so I grabbed it in spite of the color. I tried it and fell in love. I freakin adore this! BUT, I came to find out that they were only discounted because rimmel is changing thier bottle design. How nice. 

I love the square Sally Hansen Salon bottles. But as with all good things from Sally Hansen they are discontinued and are being replaced with something fugly. So, a lot of stores are discounting the square style bottles. I picked these up at Walgreens for a little over a dollar each on sale. So if you love these like I do start stalking the walgreens in your area STAT!

Sinful colors polishes can be purchased at walgreens. They have been running BOGO sales for them a lot lately so they end up being only $1 each. Normally $1.99 a bottle. This is 2 coats

This beauty was part of the CVS 75% off sale going on this month. A lot of thier store brand items are also BOGO50% off.

I found these old Maybellines at the Dollar Tree. The express  finish normally come in 2 packs for $1. The others are sold individually.

I got this one from Ross in a sort of grab bag package. It had 10 old Sally Hansens. There were extremes, Salons, Glossies, Opals, 10 days wears and Hard as nails all in the same package for only 4.99! Of course I bought both packs.

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