Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello Zoya

I adore Zoya polishes. I love everything about them. The bottle shape, the brush, the name, but most of all the polish! Did I mention the bottle? Zoya has the best bottle for my swatching. It fits perfectly in my hand and it takes great photos. Plus Zoya bottles look super cool all lined up in a neat little row.

Zoya mattes are by far the easiest mattes I have applied. They dont get globby and streaky. They dry fast. This is 2 coats

Thier shimmers also rock. These are 2 coats as well.

*sigh* Irene is so beautiful.

Holy Shit! Ibiza is glorious. I can't even explain the awesome that is this polish. It glows, it shines, it is killer. This is 2 coats, but if you are careful one will do.

Zoyas cremes leave nothing to be desired, except maybe more of them! I have been on a major creme binge lately. I absolutly love Zoyas cremes. These are both 2 coats.

Why does this color have to be so awesome? I just want to wear it constantly. I love that its dark but still on the yellow side and not too blue. 2 coats.