Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From across the pond...

Did you guys know I have a nail twin?  Well I do, our nails were separated at birth and given to separate families that moved across the globe, living lonely and very different lives only to be reunited at MUA 25 years later.  She lives all the way in Tasmania which I think is so incredibly cool.  I even felt cool writing out "Tasmania" on the packages I have sent her, because sending a piece of mail with "Tasmania" written on it is as close as this local girl can get to feeling like a world traveler.

We are those type of nail twins that are totally opposite.  Like she is really nice and thoughtful and probably organized and has a GPS, and I am a lame butt hole that says "retard" and offends people with her normal behavior on a regular basis, a total slob, and I never know what direction I am going while driving.  Anyhoo, she sent me some goodies from across the pond that I am in love with.
This gorgeous little number was almost a one coater and nearly applied itself.  I love the color so much, it's not really "blackened" where the edges look black and the center looks glowy. The edges look more of a really dark purple and the whole nail looks glowy.
You see this?  This is THE perfect purple. That is it, this polish sealed the deal and I never have to think about it again. THIS is my favorite purple, ever. It makes my skin even out and look a creamy pale shade instead of all pink and gross, it doesn't look black and it's dry on the first nail you painted by the time you paint the last nail. I LOVE YOU NAIL TWIN!
These two Sugar Baby polishes are really different colors than I would ever choose for myself but somehow you nailed it, you wonderful twin of mine!  I  love them BOTH.  I love the colors, the bottles, I even love the subtle shimmer in Dream Team even though I freakin hate subtle shimmer!  These were both two coaters.  I really like this brand, the bottles are things dreams are made of people. 

Thanks a million Twinny!
Love, MM


  1. *sighs* those are beautiful! Will I ever get to try those brands? Probably not. *jelis*

  2. Haha, I do not have a GPS so besides being nail twins we also are "I have no idea where I am going" twins.

    Royal looks stunning on you, I am so glad that I picked that one up.

  3. Awesome - I think this post is going to bring out all the Aussies. I love Ulta3 and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them on your blog!! They're great polishes, and cheap too (AUS$2 for regular AUS$3.50 for speed dry).

    You can get them online from and they post internationally too!

    Their site doesn't show bottle colours, but my blog has 50+ swatches of Ulta3

    Love your blog and fabulous nail swatches - big fan!

  4. I love Ulta3 polishes. They're so cheap and pretty good quality too. I take it these are from a fellow Aussie?

  5. I neeed that purple Sugar Baby you posted and now I neeed that Ulta3 purple.

  6. Oh and I also want to have dirty sex with it.