Monday, April 5, 2010


I have ended up with some mismatched swatches that don't really go with anything else or can't really be made into a single posts. Either because I forgot to post them or forgot the reason I swatched them. Well they could but I don't feel like doing it. So, I'm just going to cram them all right here and call it a day.  Plus, now I have shorties and I need to get these long nailed photos cleared out because I can't just go around posting all sorts of nail lengths jammed together like it's no big deal, and be all "la te da" about it. Because as we all know I am an organized person and I hold all my nail related matters to the utmost of ridiculously OCD standards. 

This was 2 coats and also my 100th China glaze! Application on this was good, not streaky or gloppy.
Also 2 coats and good application. I wish this was more GREEN and not so pastel, cutesy, and stupid.
Guess how many coats this was dudes? FIVE. I got this in a swap so I really am hoping it was thinned before I received it because that is LAUGHABLE. Pretty polish though.
This is so freakin awesome. I love this polish, but all I can do when I look at this photo is sit here and grimace, cussing out my nails because they are not growing out fast enough.  I miss my long nails SO MUCH.  Oh yeah this was 3 coats, no problems.

Love, MM


  1. too bad u shortened ur nails. cuz ur nails were my dream nailz :)

  2. To be honest, I do like them this shorter length : )

    They are not short, just shorter to the orignal length you had. It's still nice!

    - v

  3. I have Kotori too. I had to do four coats to get any decent kind of coverage. Its pretty once you get there.

  4. I must have Flyin' High. Why I did not buy this on Saturday with my 20% off Ulta coupon is beyond me. It's beautiful! And I agree with you on Four Leaf Clover - I could not put my finger on why I don't like this color, but you said it right!

  5. Those are truly beautiful but Flyin' high and Gossip Column blew my mind! I must have them or get some kinda twins :P ***

  6. I seem to remember having the exact same problem with a (brand new) bottle of Kotori and that's why I swapped it away. Sorry, I'm too lazy to go past 2 coats.

  7. I miss my long nails sooo much. They're the length of your nubbins here, and that's too short for me.