Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New York Summer Pt 7

 Part 6

Thank freakin god this is FINALLY the last installment of these polishes.  You guys have no idea how sick I am of swatching them.  Do you like how I said that I'm all done despite the fact that I still have all the glitters to swatch? I am mentally unable to face the fact that I still have 10+ NYS glitters to slather all over my hands. It's depressing.  I want to swatch stuff that I love, but I set out to swatch the whole stupid collection of NYS polish so I am going to do it. I just want to pretend that I'm finished at the moment, dammit.

Sorry about the hiatus in posting dudes.  Things have been non awesome on my side of the looney bin, but I won't bore you with details.  I know everyone has there own crap to deal with and reading all about my crazies isn't at the top of anyone's "to do" list.  Instead I shall slap on my happy face and get this freak show on the road.

So, who's ready to be disappointed?  This is the most boring and stupid set of NYS polish yet people. It seems I saved all the identical pink shimmers for last. Hurray!  These are all 3 coats.  
Love, MM


  1. Wild Tomato really doesn't fit the name at all :P Still, Funky Pink looks good.

  2. I actually like Wild Tomato, it's a really odd color, but something about it appeals to me. Me want! Too bad TD raised their shipping prices to ridiculously high. :/

    I'm sorry things haven't been that great for you, I sincerely hope things will turn around soon. I love your blog! <3

  3. Seems like no one including me has been having a good time lately.