Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Misas! Black Out "Collection"

Thanks Misa! We really, REALLY needed some new polish from you! DESPERATELY needed! This Black out collection is pretty good but I don't see how it's a collection being only 2 polishes since nobody is going to buy their black creme AGAIN. But hey, the 2 colors are Blue and Purple CREMES!!! Now THAT is my kind of half assed "collection"!  
This is 2 coats. It is gorgeous. I love it, what a shocker! This applied awesome but dried to a satin type of finish, nothing a top coat can't fix.
This one was a bit more watery but still a two coater and not too difficult to apply. Love this one too!!! 

I didn't buy the black one, ok. Sorry Charlie. But if you are DYING to see another plain black creme, here ya go!
WNW black creme. 1 coat, dries fast and .99 cents at walgreens.

Love, MM

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  1. Bahaha that is a half assed collection. I like It's Electric, and I'd probably buy Total Eclipse of the Heart because of my undying love of crappy pop music.