Monday, April 12, 2010

Boston Terrier Rescue Fundraiser and Giveaway!!!

 What it is-

This Blog is named after my Boston Terrier "Mugsy the Manatee".  If it weren't for the rescue we adopted him from our family would never have experienced the joy and happiness that Mugsy has blessed us with.  He changed our lives and I won't ever be without a Boston in my family again.  The cold hard facts of the matter are that without donations, rescues can't operate, dogs can't be pulled from kill shelters, and homeless dogs can't be vetted and adopted out to good homes. So, instead of my normal measly giveaways I decided to do this in an effort to raise some cash for Bostons in need, and in turn change the families lives that end up adopting Boston Terriers that would not have otherwise had a second chance.

How it works-

Donate directly to any of the Boston Terrier Rescues listed below via their "donation" links using pay pal.  $1=1 entry, $5=5 entries into the giveaway and so on.  Give as much or as little as you wish. Forward your pay pal email receipt for your donation to with the subject line DONATION. This is how I will track who donated what and how many entries each person has. Please include the name you would like me to use to announce you as the winner, should you win the prizes.  All donation amounts and information will be kept STRICTLY confidential.  If forwarding the receipt to me makes you uncomfortable, feel free to delete out your home address/any personal info.  A screen shot of your donation confirmation emailed to me is also perfectly acceptable.

The Rescues-

American Boston Terrier Rescue

Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue

Boston Terrier Rescue Net

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida 

Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue 

North East Boston Terrier Rescue

Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue

If you would like to choose your own Boston Rescue by state you can do so here-
Boston Terrier Rescue

The Giveaway-

This fundraiser will run for 30 days. A winner will be drawn randomly from all entries submitted once the time limit is over.  This winner will receive the bounty of awesome shown below.  If any E-tailer or anyone else would like to sweeten the pot and add to the prize email me @ and I will add in your goodies.

The Current Prize Pool-

Donated by-  A set of 6 Color Club Nail treatments valued at $25  
  Milky White French Base Coat, Dry Ice, Vivid Intensifying Top Coat, Stuck on you, 0-60 Speedy Top Coat, and Vitabase Nail Strengthener.

Donated by- A glorious gift bag of handmade artisan perfumes and soap. 

Perfumes included are- Spellbound woods, Cenobite, Pink Sugar, Whisper of lillies and a handmade soap in Strawberry Jam and sweet Vanilla Cream.
Donated by-  Dee's Natural Treasures-  Your choice of one pair of handmade earrings made with semi precious stones and free shipping!!!  Some examples are pictured below.

Donated byMe-  A $25 Gift Card to Victoria Nail Supply because they are my favorite E-tailer ever.  As well as the polishes pictured below.

  My collection of Nfu-oh flakies is also going to be ripped from my hands and donated to the prize pool.
My beautiful, beloved.  MY "it" polish. The one I never thought I would have, that found it's own way to me.  My forever lemmed and cherished, never to be held by me again, solitary bottle of China Glaze Cat's Eye.

Additional info-
Look, this fundraiser isn't about me and my nail blog. It's not about my reader count or how many followers I can get.  So, anyone is welcome to enter, follower or not, reader or not. Whether you love me like your mama, or hate me like a bee sting to the retina, everyone that feels the urge is welcome to donate for a chance to win.  No comment is necessary at the end of this post and there are no restrictions on location or amounts donated.

Love, Mugsy The Manatee's Mama


  1. I forwarded you my donation email but slap my ass and call me Betty.... I forgot to put "Donation" in the subject line.


  2. This is uber cool, thank you!
    Heidi & the ABTR Gang

  3. I think it's a very good give away idea *applaud* The prizes are great and your dog is aaawwww so cute.
    I won't enter the give away from my couch here in Sweden, but I did just donated an smal amout to my local home for abandon kittens. You inspired me.

  4. OMG! Look at that face! I want to kiss it and stretch those cheeks out! My Miss Lilly wants to run away and elope with him! But they must live at my house! Oh, and we will be entering! :)
    ~Sylvia & April

  5. THANK YOU for adding that last bit on additional info. It always kinda angered me that people had giveaways mainly to get more followers, which I think is lame. Earn your own followers. Also, the prize should be given to the actual followers, not some random person. BUT I digress. Thanks for doing this giveaway to help the boston terriers!

  6. I just want to say that you are an amazing person for what you are doing! It's nice to see how you can easily turn a giveaway into a good deed. Nail polish lovers unite to save the doggies! As an animal lover, I admire you so much for what you are doing!

  7. what a great giveaway! actions like these make the world a better place :)
    big hug!

  8. This really is a kind thing you're doing, and your doggie is real cute, no where near as cute as MY doggie, but pretty darned cute.
    I got a nice thank you note from the southern california Boston Buddies...I was happy to know they got my donation but wish they'd kept the money for postage and card for more help with the critters.

  9. Wow, this was an amazing giveaway! I've just made a donation to a local cat program "Save a Gato" inspired by you. I know it's none of my business but I'm very curious about the reason why you decided to part with so many particularly beloved polishes of yours. It is such a selfless action. Congratulations on the amount recollected for donation!